Working with The Rage – Circle of Rage


We have a long established collaboration with Circle of Rage, a local punk band from Kent.

We have worked with them on various media projects, from their web site to social media and music videos and we have even provided printable support materials for their shows.

There is an all new Circle of Rage music video in production, and the last video (below) “Ignorance is this” has been very well received by the band’s fans and continues to promote them as a punk band to reckon with.

The song itself is about how the majority of the population are ignorant to the truth of what is going on in this world and just believe whatever the TV tells them. In the song, taking a cheeky swipe at the UK Government’s “Rendition policy”, Circle of Rage kidnap a television for terrorism reasons (in this case, lying to a population and spreading propaganda) and then torture it and eventually, well, why not just watch it !

Lets do another!

OYFE Productions have been commissioned to produce their next music video and the conceptualisation is taking place as we speak, with a new video to support their new album launch coming in Spring 2013.

Take a look at OYFE in action with this behind the scenes video. Yes, we rode on top of cars whilst filming and had a load of fun along the way…


Despite how they might look in this picture, they are a truly delightful bunch of guys, full of passion and enthusiasm for their music and we hope to work with them for many years to come.

Have a listen, check them out, find them here.

Peace… and RAGE!


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