Anatomy of a music video

anatomy1If you are thinking about creating your own music video, these are the steps we will take to get it made.

First things first, come and say hello to us and tell us what kind of video you want to make. We have all watched MTV in the past so go and see what’s out there and then come to us with some ideas of what you want to do to treat your song.

1, Conceptualisation

We will then discuss what style of video you want to make, who is in it, who the characters are, what’s the song about and what messages you want to get across.

We will then take all your ideas away and create some storyboards to help us figure out how to film your video so it meets with your expectations. We find that as we shoot that there are better ways to do things and the video evolves from these basic sketches.

Eventually we will then have a big plan of what we’re going to do.

2, Venues / Location

We don’t have access to studios as such although there are places we can find to shoot, or we shoot in public, wherever we get the best vibe for your film.

We’ll bring absolutely everything we need to shoot the video and it’s down to the bands and singers to bring clothing and items they will need during filming, but we’ll work together to make sure we have all the props and items we are likely to need.


3, The Shoot Day

Generally we will allow for up to ten hours on a shooting day, making films takes time and it could take longer or it could be shorter depending on the complexity of the piece.

We will usually have a complete plan of what we are going to film and when, normally we shoot chronologically, but sometimes it’s better to jump around. Freedom, creativity and flashes of genius are all welcome on the shoots and we all join in.

When working with bands we find it’s a lot easier to work on the film step by step and in order so that continuity can be followed (if necessary) and so that everyone knows where they are but also so that when we get back to edit the film it’s already vaguely in order !


4, In the Editing Room

Once we have shot everything we need we will take all your footage and do magical things in our editing room to create your artistic masterpiece.

We use Final Cut Pro on the Mac to produce the film, a great piece of industry standard film editing software that allows us to lay out all the segments of your film and connect it all together.

5, The Final Cut

When we have a final cut we will show this to you and get your feedback. If there are tweaks and changes and details you want to amend in your film we will go back and have another session of editing until everything is just perfect.

We will supply you with a DVD copy of your music video and we will also supply a selection of different sizes and formats copies that you can then distribute as you see fit on social media, YouTube, MySpace, Facebook – whatever you need we can give you.

6, It’s a wrap!

Enjoy your final music video!


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