Finding something like Olivia for John Mayer


There was an opportunity on to produce a Music Video for John Mayer, a track called “something like Olivia”. The best video submitted would win a cash prize, and the video would be used as the official video for this song.

We interpreted the song as being about a guy who has a friend called Olivia who he is very fond of, and if she was available he would like to be with her. The video shows him going about his day and his compulsion to check his phone to see if Olivia has been in touch. We shot and edited the film over two days with a friend and aspiring actor, Ian May.


We ate a fair bit of toast during filming…


If Olivia herself were at my door, I have to say I’d let her in.

What we are implying is that the guy in the film is looking and hoping for something like Olivia, and we have left it to the viewer to decide if the girl who arrives at the end is Olivia, or if she is something like Olivia.

You can see the film, and all the other entries at Our video is linked below.


Watch us on Genero.TV !


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