Virgin Holidays – Far East advert pitch


OYFE Productions produced two adverts for Virgin Holidays via Userfarm for their up-coming spring marketing campaign.

The brief asked for burlesque dancers to cover and reveal their bodies in a burlesque style using items that are stereotypical for a set group of countries.

Enlisting the help of a local burlesque dance duo, The Peekaboos we set about producing two adverts using items from the far east such as fans, chopsticks and oriental umbrellas.

The first advert was set to a vintage musical style of burlesque and has a slower feel to it and the second one was a faster, edgier rock orientated affair.

Both videos can be seen on the links below.

Virgin Holidays Far East - OYFE Productions
Our first entry.

First Video >

Virgin Holidays Far East Rock Video
Our second entry

Second Video > 

The Peekaboos, were brilliant fun to work with and great dancers.


The videos fit the brief for Virgin in a number of ways, firstly they pay homage to Virgin’s original television advert featuring a lady in black and white obscuring herself with Virgin’s latest fares. Our first video is presented in black and white and red in order to make the ‘Virgin Red’ stand out. The videos are cheeky and playful like the Virgin brand and we hope they choose to use our videos in their campaign.



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