Music Video – “Fear does not exist in this dojo”

Fear does not exist in this dojo - Circle of Rage - By OYFE Productions

The new Circle of Rage music video is out now!

Following up from “Ignorance is this” OYFE Productions were asked to produce another music video and have been working with Circle of Rage for a second time. This is their first video featuring a song from their new album and it’s called “Fear does not exist in this dojo”.

The video is a performance based piece to introduce the members of the band and was shot in Circle of Rage’s birth place, where they first formed and began practising their craft.

Fear does not exist in this dojo - Circle of Rage - By OYFE Productions - FLYER wall

In fact, in the room we filmed in, the back wall is smothered with Circle of Rage flyers from all their gigs, and it’s a close, tight space, which matches the close, tight way that these guys perform together.

What you are seeing in the video is an actual performance, and pretty much what you could expect to see if you saw these guys performing live. Strong vocals, superb melodies and a crunching bassy punchy edge.

We loved making this!

Tommo Rage - Circle of Rage
Tommo Rage – where he gets his energy from, nobody knows.
COR - Drumming - Fear does not exist in this dojo.
Alexio Williams – Strong and steady on the drums
COR - Lead Guitar - Fear does not exist in this dojo.
Mark “Veitch” Godden leads guitars
Jackson Brown punches the bass
Rhythm Guitar - Circle of Rage - Music Videos by OYFE Productions
Scott keeping the rhythm.

The band’s new album, “Rage in D-Minor” will be out very soon and from what we have heard so far, it’s looking and sounding great.

Band Members & Credits

Tommo Rage – Vocals

Mark “Veitch” Godden – Lead Guitar

Scott Golledge – Rhythm Guitar

Jackson Brown – Bassist

Alexio Williams – Percussion

Produced by OYFE Productions

Adam Finch

Dave Kuske

We also produced a little teaser trailer video which was shown a week before the videos release:

We offer music videos to bands at very reasonable and affordable rates. If you wanted to have a video made, please get in touch and we will happily discuss this with you and lets see what we can come up with.

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