Crushing Candy with Candy Crush Saga


We recently completed a video advert for’s Candy Crush Saga which is an online and mobile puzzle game.

The brief called for a short advert that uses the in-game mechanic of matching different coloured candy but to apply that method to a real world setting.

Our advert features a young boy who is stopped from playing the game by his Mother and told to tidy up his room, so instead of tidying his room in the normal manner, he uses the Candy Crush method and matches coloured items up and makes them all disappear.



The advert is a simple, but sweet and charming short film using the in-game sounds and the same colour matching mechanic from the game and we hope it captures the imagination of the judging panel.

The winning adverts will be used for a campaign to promote the game and here at OYFE Productions we hope to be part of that.

You can watch our advert here on the UserFarm video crowdsourcing site:

OYFE Productions - Advert for Candy Crush Saga.

It’s a really great game and here at OYFE HQ we have really loved playing it. All for ‘research purposes’ of course!

Find it on Facebook or download the app and have fun crushing your own candy!

OYFE Productions are available for all your video needs, commercial films, internal training videos, adverts, showreels – whatever you want from  a business film, we can help. Feel free to get in touch.



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