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At 7pm (GMT) on Friday 5th July we would like to show you a new music video called ‘Time’.

Time is a Hans Zimmer music track which was originally used in the movie, Inception.

Ever since I heard this track I had an idea to use it to create a dramatic story-based music video and to do an experiment to push our development of music videos to the next level. This is a video we have produced for no reason other than to experiment and try something new and artistic but also to celebrate a fantastic track and to give it it’s own well deserved music video as well.


Applying a visual layer

Music videos are fantastic for musicians and singers as they enable the viewer to experience the music in a whole new way. A good music video should tell a story and use elements from the song to describe and show what the song means, be it with lyrics or just by the rhythm of the music. Time is such a dramatic track that it requires some dramatic visuals to go with it and a story we developed for it in many ways echoes real life and is something many adults will be able to relate to.

We hope that this visual layer we have created and applied to this track makes sense and that the viewer is taken away for five minutes into a real place and gets to see a real story with a start, a middle and an end.


The Story

The story is about two people who have been together for so long that the course of time has introduced a bitterness and a deep sadness between them. Despite being together as children a lot has changed and their innocence has gone and part of themselves has been lost somewhere in the course of time to the point where one of them no longer wants to live.

With no time left and at the precipice of disaster, it’s only their shared memories of the past that can prevent tragedy and in doing so prove that ultimately, love is love and that your past is equally as important as your future.

Tune in and watch the film to see what happens.




Behind the scenes

The cast involved in the Time production is Ian May as the lead male, Maddy Harber as the lead female, both very talented  and keen actors. Maddy had to get quite distraught to achieve the look that we wanted for this video and worked hard to get this right and revelled in the challenge. Both brought parts of their true self to the roles and have also been involved in the whole production and editing process too and completely understood the story that we were trying to tell.

The children are played by Harrison Finch and Jade Petto who are friends in real life too. They were both brilliant, Jade is a very talented singer and actress and was very keen to be involved in the project and understood exactly what the story was about and was thrilled to be involved. Harrison is the son of the director and was also happy to be part of a film that meant so much to his Father, although at 8 years old, hugging girls is very low on his to-do list !

The film was shot exclusively in Pluckley, Kent, a small village near Ashford at an old brickworks site and in several areas near to where OYFE HQ is based.

Conceptualised, produced, shot and edited by Adam Finch.

The original story idea came about in mid 2012, conceptual work started in early 2013 and the two shoots took place in April 2013 and May 2013 respectively.

Time Project - Maddy Harber
Maddy Harber
Time Project - Ian May
Ian May
Time Project - Harrison Finch
Harrison Finch
Time Project - Jade Petto
Jade Petto


Hans Zimmer

Credit given to Hans Zimmer for his amazing and inspiring music tracks, all rights reserved. Produced for educational and research purposes only.



Please do send us some feedback if you enjoyed the video, either via the comments below or on YouTube. We would love to hear what you think. Many thanks for your interest and support.

Special thanks to Richard “Chippy” Sutton for the pocket watch. Lisa Petto for your enthusiasm and flowers. Lorena Cavalcanti, David Kuske & Tom Williams for their advanced screening feedback and words of wisdom.

Enjoy the video!



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