Horrify Me – Horror Photography Video

Horrify Me - Horror Photography

Following our work with the Folkestone Zombie Walk, a fun charity walk coming up on November 1st, we had a unique opportunity to produce a video to showcase the work of the horror photography experts at Horrify Me.

What Rick Jones and his team do is absolutely incredible, these are not just fancy dress monsters and cheap make up, Rick specialises in producing authentic, hollywood movie style imagery that is truly worthy of a place on a billboard – these are the real deal, if you book a photo shoot he will make you look amazing!

Horrify Me004

So Adam “got zombied-up” and took part in the photo shoot joining the zombie horde and this video neatly showcases what it is like to book in and have a horrify me photo shoot.

Horrify Me Photo Shoot


Folkestone Zombie Walk Team

The process is fairly straight-forward, we arrived at Horrify Me HQ and handed over some clothes for ruining. Rick then set about putting on a base white layer on Adam’s face, followed by some bruising and aging of the skin. Finally, Rick applies some super top secret ingredients of blood, goo and muck. About 15 minutes later, Adam was  a realistic and evil looking zombie!

You can have straight up portrait style shots or do something gross or horse around, Rick comes up with lots of ideas of poses and arranges big group shots, at one point we were all down on the floor feasting on blood and guts. Another time we were drooling sick gross stuff out of our mouths, it was fun and messy!

Horrify Me006

Horrify Me010

If you would like to be a zombie or a vampire, or practically any kind of horror monster, Rick will make you look awesome. The images after he has done his magic are completely out of this world – amazing.

Here’s Adam’s Zombie Portrait which is being used to promote the Zombie Walk:

Adam from OYFE Productions after the Zombie Apocalypse


It was an amazing, interesting and fun day out and the final images are completely fantastic. You only need to look at the Horrify Me site to get an idea of the work Rick does and it certainly gets the thumbs up from us!

“great fun, hilarious, if a little bit icky and the final images are AMAZING!” – Adam Finch


Don’t forget to join in at the Folkestone Zombie Walk on November 1st, check out the Facebook page for the latest details and information.

Horrify Me001

Horrify Me015

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