New Music Video – My City of Fire by The Midnight River Crew

We have produced a music video for The Midnight River Crew called ‘My City of Fire’.

Mark Johnson asked us to provide a music video for his latest song which is a dark rocking track about the chaos erupting around the world and the political unrest we constantly see on the news.

Mark Johnson - My City of Fire Music Video

We were given freedom to produce a video that encapsulates these themes.

The video features a musical performance from Mark and the young cast we assembled, we have produced a film that reflects this negative real-world narrative into a situation we all may relate to. The idea around the video is that a ragamuffin group of street boys play and exist in their own city of fire, a smashed out old industrial place where they can make war and run riot.

The song includes themes of a power, or an authority that tries to control everything which we have shown in the video as security guards re-enforcing their authority and forcing the children not to play in their city of fire. As in real life the authority is a threat and becomes the enemy.




Our video is effectively making a microcosm of that bigger world view and turning it into themes we can all relate to, and may have experienced in our own childhoods.

Themes of rebellion, freedom and resistance converge in this piece!



We are very pleased with the video and would like to thank all those who got involved, full cast list below.

  • Mark Johnson

  • Harrison Finch

  • Fenton Finch

  • Jack Roberts

  • Lucas Roberts

  • James Simpson

  • Neil Finch as the security guard

Don't play with fireRegarding the production, Mark Johnson wrote:

“It has been a pleasure working with you and Dave on this project. All involved can be proud of the film and we’ve had a good deal of fun too. Perhaps we’ll be able to do another film at some point in the not too distant future.”




My City of fire was written By Fiona Hughes, James Brennan, Robbie Boyd, and Mark Johnson, with guidance and creative input from Ray Davies (The Kinks).

Music produced by Paul Midcalf at Audio Sorcery recording studios &

Filmed and Directed by Adam Finch & David Kuske at OYFE Productions

Performed by Mark Johnson of The Midnight River Crew.

You can check out more of Mark Johnson and the Midnight River Crew’s work on Facebook and Soundcloud.

The midnight river crew - My City of Fire




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