Studio Sessions Week – FIRST THREE ACTS CHOSEN!

Studio Sessions Week 2015 - Record Music and Video with OYFE and Sandstorm Records

Wow wow wow!

Thank you to all the acts who have applied to take part in Studio Sessions Week – we have literally been blown away by the quality and talent that is out there producing excellent music!

Unfortunately we can only record and film five of you and we have now selected our top three!

They are (in no particular order)



© Arcaves

Arcaves sent us a link to a video they had produced for a track called “Killing Time”, the song was so beautifully done and so moving, it made the hair on the back of my neck stand up on end. Immediately, the video was shared with the team and we all felt the same. Hailing from Southend On Sea, the band is made up of singer, Billy Wright, bassist, Stu Dew and Liv Curtis on vocals. They say they “make melodious, quiet storm of dark pop” and we agree!

Check out Killing Time, it’s seriously wonderful:

Cake promises: Cheese cake and lots of chocolate brownies (Liv LOVES baking cakes!)


Slam Cartel

© Slam Cartel


We always wanted to get a mega rock band involved in Studio Sessions and Slam Cartel fit the bill perfectly! Consisting of Gary Moffat on lead vocals, Terry Warville on rhythm guitar, Mark Neudeck on Bass, Damian Fawsett on Lead Guitar and Steve Campkin on drums. The band does proper rock and have played at some prestigious venues and worked alongside some big names, Hawkwind, Y&T, Therapy? and others. We are looking forward to having them in our studio and hope they smash out something mega for Studio Sessions Week.

Have a listen on Soundcloud, ‘Handful of Dreams’ being particularly great:

Cake promises: Any cake you damn well like! (But Mandy is particularly good at making fruit cake!).


Black Thorn

© Black Thorn


We all got it instantly when we checked out “Catch me if you can” by Black Thorn, a fantastic folksey, Lumineer-a-like vibe rang out. Black Thorn is a 4 piece Indie Folk Rock band from Derbyshire. Joel Howe plays acoustic guitar, mandolin, percussion and lead vocals, Adam Clarke plays acoustic guitar and does backing vocals, Josie Stafford-Burdett plays Cornet, accordion and backing vocals and Jack Wright plays bass and percussion. The music is terrifically upbeat and detailed, with such amazing instruments being used to great effect. Lee, our Music Producer just sat back and said “LOVE IT”. So we’re very pleased to invite Black Thorn down from Derbyshire to come and record something with us.

Check out their music on Soundcloud and see if you can get through a track with out tapping along.

Cake promises: The cake of your dreams



Commiserations to all the acts who are not in the top three, if we could have you all in there we would!

The next stage of our selection process is an online vote to find our FOURTH act and finally a random draw to find the FIFTH act.

The online voting stage begins at midnight Friday 9th January and ends at midnight on Wednesday 14th January so get all your band members, fans, friends, groupies and random people you meet on the street to hit the OYFE website and vote for your band. The act with the highest number of votes will win the fourth spot in Studio Sessions Week.

The FIFTH act will be drawn randomly from the rest and we will announce this on Thursday 15th January.

Keep in touch with us on Facebook and Twitter and get in touch if you have any questions.


Thanks again for all the wonderful music!


Studio Sessions Week - Sandstorm Records / OYFE Productions Free Audio & Visual Production

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