Trevor & Amina – GoPro Wedding Videography


It’s tricky going to weddings when you are a videographer, you feel out of place to NOT be filming and if there is someone else filming, you get really annoyed that they aren’t doing it properly..

So what do you do?

Well you pack a handful of GoPro cameras and take on the role of Guest “Incognito” Videographer of course!

GoPro Cameras

I had the honour of attending my great friend Trevor’s wedding when he married the girl of his dreams, Amina up in Manchester and it was just the most gorgeous and love filled day.

I took these little cameras, stuck them around the place and manned one and attempted a casual wedding videography experiment. One where I can drink champagne and cocktails and hang out with all the guests, the end result was pretty good!

This wedding video is 100% shot on GoPro!

It was a lot of fun to film and I wasn’t encumbered with loads of equipment all day, just a tiny bag on my shoulder so I could enjoy everything and soak up the vibe with the rest of the guests.


We started off in Sale Town Hall for the ceremony, I had two fixed cameras and a handheld so was able to cover the whole ceremony. The day itself was amazing, ceremony in the morning and then onto a boat for a jaunt through the canals of Manchester. Then we jumped in a cab to the Hilton Blue Bar for some unique cocktails, designed for our wedded heroes, the “CoPilot Cocktail” and we all got to make some too – lots of fun!

When cocktails were finished we topped the day off with a slap up feast in the Sky Lounge looking out across Manchester where I filmed the lovely speeches. There was a band and we partied and it was awesome! 🙂

To top off the DVD I produced the highlight wedding video you can see above and a video guestbook with messages from everyone, even me!

I never do Video guestbook messages so that was an interesting experience…!


Trevor and Amina were delighted with their wedding DVD and I was delighted to be there – it was a stunning and wonderful day.

Adam – OYFE Productions




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