Crowd Sourced Videos – Hints and Tips

Thanks for getting involved in one of our Crowd Sourced videos!

Before you upload and submit your videos, have a read of these six top tips to help you help us make a better video!


Close up photo of a female tourist taking photos of a beautiful beach in The Bahamas with her iPhone 4 camera1. Keep it landscape!

If you’re filming on your smartphone, make sure you turn it on it’s side and film in ‘landscape’. If you have your phone filming video in ‘portrait’ mode the video will be the wrong shape for the video we are making!


2. Steady as she goes..

When shooting your video, do your best to keep the camera as steady as you can, better yet, place your camera on a hard surface or prop it up against something so it’s completely still, or use a tripod if you have one. You’d be surprised what you can do with a blob of blu tack.


smartphone23. Quiet Please!

Make sure you film in a quiet place, especially for video messages where it’s vital we can hear your voice. It also helps to think about your message first and then say it loud and clearly. Often on small cameras and smartphones, the microphones aren’t brilliant so really speak up!



4. Upload on Wi-Fi

We use the MEGA platform for our video collection area, for best results access this on a computer on your home or work wi-fi when you come to upload your video. You can also use the MEGA apps (iPhone & Android) if you want to upload from a tablet or smartphone, but use wi-fi as sometimes video uploads fail over 3G or weak signals.


5. Keep it short and sweet

Remember that whatever you film you’ll need to upload and the longer your video clips, the longer the upload will take. We’re looking for short, sweet, snappy messages, so try not to go on too much, obviously get your message across and start and stop the camera promptly.


6. Secrets

During the submission time we will be downloading video files from MEGA quite frequently, so if you see any video files that are not yours, please do not download or view them. We can’t stop you from doing this, but we trust that nobody spoils any of the secrets by viewing things they shouldn’t. By all means if you upload the wrong file then feel free to delete it but please make sure you don’t delete other people’s submissions by accident!

Golden Rule: Ask us if you get stuck!




Help with MEGA

Mega is a great system to share and upload files, here are a couple of tips to help get you started.

Access the MEGA site at

Log in using the details you have been provided. If you don’t know what these are email us at

mega1    mega2

Once you are logged in you may see that there are files that others have uploaded, ignore these and click on file upload.


Down at the bottom panel of the screen you can see how your files are doing, upload time can vary depending on the size/length of the file you are uploading.


When it says 100% your files are uploaded!

You can quit when you are finished or add more video files if you have them.

Uploading from a Smartphone or Tablet

You can also upload your files directly from your Smartphone using the Android or iOS app, which are available on Play Store for Android devices and the App Store for iPhone or iPad.


Using the MEGA app is much the same process, and the login details are the same.


Need Help?

If you get stuck at any point, please email the team at OYFE and we will get back to you with some advice as soon as possible.


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