OYFE PartyOKE Videos

PartyOKE Music Videos with OYFE ProductionsHere at OYFE Productions we love to party, and we like to party even harder if we’re making a cool music video at the same time!

Have you been to a wedding where a Marryoke is taking place or perhaps you’ve seen cool Wedding Marryoke videos online?

We’ve been making Marryoke videos which are in simple terms a music video made at a wedding featuring and starring all the guests.

A PartyOKE is the same thing – everyone gets encouraged to take part in shooting a music video that encapsulates the whole event.

It’s easier just to watch a video, please take a look at some PartyOKE videos and you should get the idea.

If this sounds fun to you and you would like to book OYFE Productions to film at your party then please get in touch.

PartyOKE could be for any of these events:

  • Staff Christmas Party

  • Birthday Party

  • Retirement Party

  • Christening

  • Leaving Party

  • Anniversary Party

It’s a great way to celebrate and you get a film that you can keep and look back on in years to come!

Hire the guys from OYFE and we will come to your party with all the equipment we need to film your very own PartyOKE, all you need to do is pick a song to perform and we will do the rest!

We work very hard ahead of time to plan out your PartyOKE and we will need adequate space to film in. Some effort will be required on the part of the organisers and more details will be given once you’ve made your booking.

After your party we will produce a great PartyOKE video set to the track of your choice and featuring all the people who stepped up to perform for it. You will receive two DVD discs, one which will work on any DVD player and the other will contain video files in a format you can upload to your websites, Facebook or YouTube.

We provide all this, two camera operators, the full edited film and up to 6 hours filming time at the party for just £449.

Sounds Good?

If you are interested, but not sure or have any other questions, please call Adam on 07715 771560 who will be glad to talk you through the process and explain exactly what we can do for you and why an OYFE PartyOKE is the coolest thing to do at any party!


Party on… with OYFE Productions PartyOKE!