OYFE Productions

OYFE Productions is made up of two guys, Adam Finch and Dave Kuske.

We have worked together for many years for a large travel company were given the opportunity to put together some videos for various internal purposes. Both Adam and Dave have a background and experience in various mediums, from web design to programming to flash animation and graphic design and of course videography.

We travelled around and made videos for the company and the films were shown and very well received by our audience and from then on we became THE go to film-makers for the company. After that we started making all kinds of videos for all kinds of things in addition to our normal jobs.

We’ve made training videos, documentaries and all kinds of videos for all kinds of things.

we suddenly realised, we could do this for real

Following our success with all these films, we suddenly realised, we could do this for real, professionally, and make our own films and make films for everyone and anyone.

And that’s how OYFE Productions came about.

We started making films…

We want to produce all sorts of films, but in particular we want to make music videosadverts and idents and commercial and promotional videos. We also film live events such as weddings, parties, gigs and theatre shows.

Our ethos is to provide affordable and friendly filming services for everyone.

Contact us via email or via Facebook or call 07715 7715 60 or use the form below!

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