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OP-BC-logo02Here at OYFE Productions, we understand music videos and we really love making them too!

We can apply a real-life, visual layer to a band or artist’s original song to present the song in the best way possible and tell a story.

Here are some of our music videos.

Creative music video for “Can you hear me?’ by Katie Kittermaster.
Read more about it here


Creative music video for “My City of Fire” by Mark Johnson and The Midnight River Crew.
Read more about it here.


Awesome rock track “The Bridge” by The Overnight Angels.
Read more about it here.


This is “Time” a dramatic, story-based music video.
Read more about it here.


Tres Camaradas – Performance based video to promote Tres Camaradas new single.
Read more about it here.


The Marlee Duo, an acoustic musical duo from Kent, recently recorded at an OYFE Studio Session, performing “The boys are back in town”.
Read more about it here.


Circle of Rage – “Fear does not exist in this dojo”. The second fully produced music video for this hardcore punk band.
Read more about it here.


Milly Mae recorded at an OYFE Studio Session, performing “Halo”.
Read more about it here.


The first story-based video we recorded for Circle of Rage with their massively crunching, smashing track – “Ignorance is this”. Read more about it here.


A showreel for The 2Seekers. Filmed at one of our OYFE Studio Sessions.





What can we do for you?

We offer the following music video package:

  • Storyboarding and Scripting of your video
  • A full days filming (up to 10 hours)
  • A full edit and post-production session using Apple’s Final Cut Pro
  • Any graphics or styles can be considered, credits, titles etc.

We will provide your finished film on DVD in High Definition and we will also provide various formats of your video for you to use on social media, Youtube, Facebook etc.

We also film gigs, live events and performances, we can make a showreel for your web site – whatever you might need from a music video.

Find out more about how we make music videos by reading Anatomy of a Music Video.

All rates are negotiable.

Our ethos is to provide affordable and friendly filming services for everyone.

Check out some of our music videos!

Contact us via email or via Facebook if you want to make a music video for your band.

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