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Studio Sessions are for singers, bands and musicians looking to record some high quality music tracks and a video demo of their performance.

In collaboration with Sandstorm Records and Music Producer Lee Golledge, our service is aimed at Kent-based singers, duos and bands and we invite all artists to come and work with us for the day to create your own Studio Session demo and promotional pack.


Studio Sessions Packages

We offer four different packages depending on what you want to do, which are as follows:


  • Package 1 – 3 hour session in our studio, we will record, mix and master one track and produce one studio video. £400

  • Package 2 – 4 hour session, we will record, mix and master two tracks and produce one studio video. £500

  • Package 3 – 4 hour session, we will record, mix and master up to 6 sections of songs to form a medley, and one medley video. £500

  • Package 4 – 4 hour session, we will record, mix and master one track and produce one video and our in-house photographer
    (Joanna Lane) will provide 100 high quality band photos. £600

*For the Medley Package we record 6 segments of tracks, not the entire track, just parts to use in the medley.


All packages also include:

  • 10 or more promotional screenshots from your footage.

  • Full support and marketing on our social networks.

  • Free tea and coffee.

We are VERY flexible on how we use your studio session time for what you want to achieve, so talk to us.

All the materials we produce will be yours to keep and use however you wish, either for personal use, or to promote your act or band or to use online. It’s a great opportunity for emerging acts to have a good package of work that you can use to get yourself noticed and to show off your talents.



Everyone is welcome.

Here are some examples of Studio Sessions videos we have produced and there are many more on our YouTube Channel.

Check out Undecided Prophecy and their Studio Session for ‘No Money’.

Here is a Studio Session with Arcaves for their original track, ‘Stockholm’.

You, me in a bucket by The Reckostacks

Here is a Studio Session we recorded with Milly Mae.

…and a song called ‘Hot Foam Shave’ with local Goudhurst band, The Devil’s Cut Combo.


Make a showreel!

A musical duo called The 2Seekers asked us to produce a showreel to show their repertoire, we can do all this in a studio session too:


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Here’s how our service works.

  1. Call Adam on 07715 7715 60 and get in touch, or use this form. We will check diaries and book you a recording date.

  2. We provide 3 or 4 hours to record, depending on package, so rehearse and be ready to rock on the day.

  3. Typically the first 2 hours will be focussed on recording the music, during the rest of the time we will run through one of your songs several times and get you performing on film, although your studio time will be completely tailored for you.

  4. We drink tea, high five each other and finish up.

Then, within 2-3 weeks, probably quicker, Adam and Lee will do their stuff and provide you with:

  1. Your completed track(s) in Mp3 format.

  2. Your studio session music video.

  3. A pack of 10 (or more) high res screenshot images.

We will also talk about you in our social network and help you with promoting yourselves online.

All of the finished material will be made available to you online to download. Videos will be compressed and in a format that can be uploaded to websites and we will also give you a full high-res, broadcast quality high definition copy as well, ready for you to take to MTV.

If you would like to book a Studio Session, please use our special form or contact us in any manner you choose.

Text, Email, Phone, Online, Fax (if you must) and carrier pigeons are all acceptable methods.

We look forward to working with you!


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