OYFE Shorts

Film making is about playing and experimenting with different styles, subjects and themes. We love making short films and getting creative with our cameras. Here are a selection of OYFE Shorts which are all short, arty, cool films.

Have a look and tell us what you think!

Don’t tell me what to do

‘don’t tell me what to do’ is a rejection and rebellion of the barrage of signage and instructions that we all see every day, everywhere. This film serves as an exploration into the oppressive health and safety and CCTV orientated society that the United Kingdom has become and the detrimental effect of too many negative instructions.

Run time: 01.41

The long way home

Another OYFE short, this time celebrating and revelling in the youthful spirit of adventure. I gave my children complete freedom to choose which way we went during an afternoon of exploring. This is what happened.

Run time: 02.57