Video Guestbook

Photo 19-07-2014 20 58 04We offer a unique video guestbook service.

What this means is that we will come to your wedding or party or even to your company event and will set up cameras. We will then encourage your guests to come and record a message on camera to commemorate whatever it is you are celebrating.

We will chat to your guests and film everyone and anyone who wants to say something.

Once we have collected everyone’s thoughts we will then cut together a “Vox Pops” style video so you can see what all your guests and friends and family wanted to say.

This makes a fabulous momento for any big event.


Video guestbook can be included as an extra with all our wedding packages, but can also be booked singularly for other events to record peoples thoughts at any kind of event, from Birthday parties, Leaving parties, Prom night, corporate events or anywhere where you want to capture peoples thoughts.

Video Guestbook

What we film: We will set up cameras in an area at your venue and encourage guests to leave a video message.
We will produce: A professionally edited “Vox Pops” style documentary film featuring all your friends and family.
Collection: Video will be provided digitally online via Dropbox.
Total Price: £350 on it’s own or £250 with any wedding video package.


Get in touch with us for more details or to book us for an event you are planning.

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