Wedding Booking Policy

wedding4Here at OYFE Productions we have a very straight-forward wedding booking procedure and we operate a first come, first served policy.

If you are interested in booking OYFE Productions to film your wedding, the first thing to do is make contact. This can be via phone, email or via our Facebook or Twitter channels.

Pencil us in!

Let us know the DATE of your wedding and we will check our records. If we are available on that day we will confirm this to you and “pencil you in”. What this means is that if anyone else approaches us about that day, we will contact you first and give you first refusal on making a firm booking for that date.


Make a FIRM booking

To absolutely guarantee that you have us for your wedding day, the best thing is to make a firm booking with us and pay a non-refundable deposit of £150 to secure us for the day.

The deposit is strictly non-refundable but it does guarantee you our services on your wedding day.

When you have made your deposit you will receive a contract of engagement, an agreement for us to film at your wedding that outlines what we will provide and how much it will all cost.

Paying the Balance

At least one week before your wedding day, we will require full payment for your selected videography package. Without full payment we will not be attending the wedding, so please ensure you have funds ready to do this, or tell us if you are having difficulties paying. We completely understand and will do what we can to manage any problems with payment as they arise.



These details are correct as of 16/11/2016.

A copy of our wedding contract of engagement can be made available to you on request. Contact us if you have any questions.

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