Tom & Beccy – May 2015

We filmed a marryoke and wedding highlights at a brilliant, laid back and fun wedding for Tom & Beccy who had their wedding at The Ferry House Inn in Sheerness.

We created a marryoke video using Depeche Mode’s ‘I just cant get enough’ and everyone who was there joined in with crazy dancing and singing, with one poor chap continually being thrown in a nearby bush!

© DVD Cover photography kindly supplied by Gavin Hardy.


Check out their raucous Marryoke video – I just can’t get enough!

We also produced a wedding highlights video to encapsulate the feeling and vibe of their lovely wedding day.

Naturally Beccy and Tom were completely thrilled with our work and had this to say in an email to us..


Wedding Videography

We offer a complete selection of Wedding Videography with either a Marryoke video or a video of your ceremony. Clients are invited to choose a package most suited to them and extra elements can be added as you wish for speeches, first dance and our fantastic video guestbook service.

OYFE Productions - Wedding Videography in Kent
OYFE Productions – Wedding Videography

Horrify Me – Horror Photography Video

Horrify Me - Horror Photography

Following our work with the Folkestone Zombie Walk, a fun charity walk coming up on November 1st, we had a unique opportunity to produce a video to showcase the work of the horror photography experts at Horrify Me.

What Rick Jones and his team do is absolutely incredible, these are not just fancy dress monsters and cheap make up, Rick specialises in producing authentic, hollywood movie style imagery that is truly worthy of a place on a billboard – these are the real deal, if you book a photo shoot he will make you look amazing!

Horrify Me004

So Adam “got zombied-up” and took part in the photo shoot joining the zombie horde and this video neatly showcases what it is like to book in and have a horrify me photo shoot.

Horrify Me Photo Shoot


Folkestone Zombie Walk Team

The process is fairly straight-forward, we arrived at Horrify Me HQ and handed over some clothes for ruining. Rick then set about putting on a base white layer on Adam’s face, followed by some bruising and aging of the skin. Finally, Rick applies some super top secret ingredients of blood, goo and muck. About 15 minutes later, Adam was  a realistic and evil looking zombie!

You can have straight up portrait style shots or do something gross or horse around, Rick comes up with lots of ideas of poses and arranges big group shots, at one point we were all down on the floor feasting on blood and guts. Another time we were drooling sick gross stuff out of our mouths, it was fun and messy!

Horrify Me006

Horrify Me010

If you would like to be a zombie or a vampire, or practically any kind of horror monster, Rick will make you look awesome. The images after he has done his magic are completely out of this world – amazing.

Here’s Adam’s Zombie Portrait which is being used to promote the Zombie Walk:

Adam from OYFE Productions after the Zombie Apocalypse


It was an amazing, interesting and fun day out and the final images are completely fantastic. You only need to look at the Horrify Me site to get an idea of the work Rick does and it certainly gets the thumbs up from us!

“great fun, hilarious, if a little bit icky and the final images are AMAZING!” – Adam Finch


Don’t forget to join in at the Folkestone Zombie Walk on November 1st, check out the Facebook page for the latest details and information.

Horrify Me001

Horrify Me015

Wedding Fairs 2014 – Save £75 off your wedding video!

It’s Wedding Fair time!


We have produced an interesting and special wedding short film to show at some upcoming wedding fairs and we will be exhibiting at the following…

  • The Kings Hall – Herne Bay – Sunday 16th February 2014
  • The Oak – Charing – Saturday 22nd March 2014 – info
  • Swarling Manor Open Day – Canterbury – Sunday 6th April 2014 – info
  • TBC – April 2014

*We will add the additional date when it is confirmed.

OYFE Wedding Videos

Special Offer for Wedding Fair Attendees!

Come along and see us at any of these wedding fairs and if you like what you see we will give you an exclusive £75 discount off your booking if you book with us on the day.

If you can’t make it to any of the fairs, you can still see our short film right here:

OYFE Wedding Videography

OYFE Productions, one of the best choices for Wedding Videography in Kent.


Terms & Conditions

  • This exclusive £75 discount will be applied to any wedding video booking made in person at any of the wedding fairs stated above.
  • Clients may choose any wedding package or marryoke package from our selection (this does not include our Video Guestbook stand alone product).
  • The discount will be applied once a booking form has been completed and signed and after a non-refundable deposit has been paid via cash, cheque or bank transfer as per our booking policy.
  • Wedding dates are subject to availability and our services are always offered on a first come, first served basis.
  • OYFE Productions reserves the right to withdraw this offer at any time.


Make your BIG day UNFORGETTABLE - with OYFE Productions

Record a showreel or music video with OYFE Studio Sessions

OYFE Studio Sessions

OYFE Studio Sessions - Professional recording and videography

We are offering bands, singers and musicians the chance to create a collection of media to use to promote themselves with professionally recorded music tracks and videos.


For the princely sum of £349, bring along your instruments to our Studio in Goudhurst, Kent and have an OYFE Studio Session. Adam Finch (Videographer) and Lee Golledge (Music Producer) will be on hand to provide six hours of recording time where you can record your music tracks and while doing so we will also create a music video or two.

The session is yours, use the time as you wish, shall we make a multi-track showreel or just focus on one perfectly polished studio style music video? Adam and Lee will guide you as how best to get the most out of your session. Once we have recorded and filmed everything Adam and Lee will then get to work producing the music and editing the footage and about a week later you will receive a package of media to start showing off your skills!

What can I do in six hours?

In a typical six hour session with some careful planning you could have:

  • 3-4 perfectly mixed and mastered songs in Mp3 format
  • One stylish, professionally filmed studio style music video
  • 10-15 promotional photographs

Doing this, your video could be like this example we did for The Marlee Duo.

Or if you wanted to work on a showreel we could produce:

  • A set of audio clips in mp3 format (not full songs)
  • 1-2 showreel videos
  • 10-15 promotional photographs

We did this for some clients who have two acts, “The 2Seekers” and “Pop goes Eurovision” and in the six hours recording time we made TWO showreels.

So these are examples of what you could do at your OYFE Studio Session.

Here are the videos:


We are flexible, friendly guys and have a great studio and a range of equipment to use to make high quality media for our singers and bands.

The full details about OYFE Studio Sessions and what we provide can be found here.

It’s completely free to get in touch and talk about your project, we are very accommodating and look forward to hearing from you!

Lee Golledge - Music Producer for OYFE Studio Sessions



Cinnamon Spice Bollywood Charity Event


The OYFE Productions team were recently invited to attend and film a Bollywood themed charity dinner and dance.

Organised by a local restaurant, Cinnamon Spice in Ashford, Kent, the event was in aid of The Paula Carr Trust and was a fantastic evening of entertainment and the best curry known to man prepared by Ash Miah’s team at Cinnamon Spice.

Using our videography skills we produced a great video that encapsulated the whole event and celebrated the acts who performed for the crowd and provided some great coverage from the night.

Check out the video here:

We were lucky to meet Salman Malik, a hilarious comedian who ran and compered the show and kept the audience amused with his crazy antics.


Also we were entertained by some beautiful dancers from Bolly Flex and Bollywood Vibes. Music and lighting was provided by the guys from Higher Class Events.



The event contained many elements, a charity auction, speeches from people from The Paula Carr Trust and the Lord Mayor of Ashford and there were music performances provided by Junai Kaden and the incredible Michael Jackson dance tribute act, Signature!

Junai Kaden
Junai Kaden
Signature - Michael Jackson Tribute Act
Signature – Michael Jackson Tribute Act

It was a great event and lots of money was raised for the charity and we were delighted to be involved in such a wonderful night.

If you would like us to provide videography coverage of an event that you are organising, please get in touch with us, we will be happy to get involved.

Party on with OYFE PartyOKE Videos!

OYFE PartyOKE, Marryoke videos

OYFE Marryoke & PartyOKE Videos

Making really cool music videos with your guests at a special event or party should not just be confined to marryoke at weddings!

Here at OYFE Productions we want to make PartyOKE or ChristeningOKE or Hen PartyOKE videos as well!

What is all this Marryoke Stuff?

A marryoke is a music video filmed at your wedding. So instead of a traditional ‘wedding video’ all the guests are encouraged to take part in performing a song chosen by the couple and our film crew will film and edit this into a fantastic music video where everyone can get involved. There are some examples below.

My singing is rubbish though..

It doesn’t matter what your singing voice is like, we play the music for you to sing along to and then lay the music over the top when we edit the video so if you get it right it looks like you are actually performing and singing in the final video. We will help you get this right and will even sing along with you, so don’t be shy.

Here is an example of a recent OYFE Marryoke using The Black Eyed Peas song ‘The Time: Dirty Bit’. Check it out.

Recently we had an opportunity to do the same thing but at a Hen Party in Kent and OYFE PartyOKE was launched!

Using a classic track from 90’s TV, Baywatch we produced this PartyOKE with Jayne and all her hens one rainy night in Erith.

So if you are looking for a quirky, fun and interesting way to capture your guests at a party you are having, why not invite the guys from OYFE to film a PartyOKE video for you?

Office Christmas Party?

Perfect for the office Christmas party, can you imagine your boss getting down to Greased Lightning?

Or perhaps all your friends want to sing and perform a song at a Birthday Party or a family gathering. We would love to come along and film you all.

Get in touch with OYFE to find out more, we are offering PartyOKE video packages for £399 across Kent. We will plan out and organise the best way to film the song of your choice and help you arrange all your guests to take part – all you need to do is tell us what song you would like to perform and we will do the rest!


Book us for your Christmas or Family party in October, November or December 2013 and we will slash £50 off the price for the first 2 bookings.

Discount Special Offer Terms & Conditions

  1. Our Film Crew will be available for 6 hours to collect footage to produce your PartyOKE video.
  2. We will produce your fully edited PartyOKE Video and provide a copy on DVD and can also make it available to download online.
  3. We travel up to 40 miles from TN27, anything over this is subject to a one-off travel expenses fee.
  4. All bookings are negotiable, if there is something else at your party that you would like us to film, please ask and we will gladly accommodate any special requests.
  5. £50 discount is applicable to the first 2 clients who get in touch and book a PartyOKE date with us from 1st October 2013 – 30th December 2013. Booking is defined by signing our contract and providing a £150 non-refundable deposit for your booking.
  6. Final payment must be made 5 working days before the party date.
  7. Dates NOT included in this offer are: 11th-13th October 2013, 23rd-28th December and 31st December 2013.
  8. Production time for PartyOKE Videos is 2-3 weeks, but we endeavour to edit and have your final video finished as soon as possible.

Our phone isn’t ringing – what are you waiting for?

Book OYFE Productions for your party today!

The Time Project – Applying visuals to music


Watch on YouTube..

Or Vimeo..


At 7pm (GMT) on Friday 5th July we would like to show you a new music video called ‘Time’.

Time is a Hans Zimmer music track which was originally used in the movie, Inception.

Ever since I heard this track I had an idea to use it to create a dramatic story-based music video and to do an experiment to push our development of music videos to the next level. This is a video we have produced for no reason other than to experiment and try something new and artistic but also to celebrate a fantastic track and to give it it’s own well deserved music video as well.


Applying a visual layer

Music videos are fantastic for musicians and singers as they enable the viewer to experience the music in a whole new way. A good music video should tell a story and use elements from the song to describe and show what the song means, be it with lyrics or just by the rhythm of the music. Time is such a dramatic track that it requires some dramatic visuals to go with it and a story we developed for it in many ways echoes real life and is something many adults will be able to relate to.

We hope that this visual layer we have created and applied to this track makes sense and that the viewer is taken away for five minutes into a real place and gets to see a real story with a start, a middle and an end.


The Story

The story is about two people who have been together for so long that the course of time has introduced a bitterness and a deep sadness between them. Despite being together as children a lot has changed and their innocence has gone and part of themselves has been lost somewhere in the course of time to the point where one of them no longer wants to live.

With no time left and at the precipice of disaster, it’s only their shared memories of the past that can prevent tragedy and in doing so prove that ultimately, love is love and that your past is equally as important as your future.

Tune in and watch the film to see what happens.




Behind the scenes

The cast involved in the Time production is Ian May as the lead male, Maddy Harber as the lead female, both very talented  and keen actors. Maddy had to get quite distraught to achieve the look that we wanted for this video and worked hard to get this right and revelled in the challenge. Both brought parts of their true self to the roles and have also been involved in the whole production and editing process too and completely understood the story that we were trying to tell.

The children are played by Harrison Finch and Jade Petto who are friends in real life too. They were both brilliant, Jade is a very talented singer and actress and was very keen to be involved in the project and understood exactly what the story was about and was thrilled to be involved. Harrison is the son of the director and was also happy to be part of a film that meant so much to his Father, although at 8 years old, hugging girls is very low on his to-do list !

The film was shot exclusively in Pluckley, Kent, a small village near Ashford at an old brickworks site and in several areas near to where OYFE HQ is based.

Conceptualised, produced, shot and edited by Adam Finch.

The original story idea came about in mid 2012, conceptual work started in early 2013 and the two shoots took place in April 2013 and May 2013 respectively.

Time Project - Maddy Harber
Maddy Harber
Time Project - Ian May
Ian May
Time Project - Harrison Finch
Harrison Finch
Time Project - Jade Petto
Jade Petto


Hans Zimmer

Credit given to Hans Zimmer for his amazing and inspiring music tracks, all rights reserved. Produced for educational and research purposes only.



Please do send us some feedback if you enjoyed the video, either via the comments below or on YouTube. We would love to hear what you think. Many thanks for your interest and support.

Special thanks to Richard “Chippy” Sutton for the pocket watch. Lisa Petto for your enthusiasm and flowers. Lorena Cavalcanti, David Kuske & Tom Williams for their advanced screening feedback and words of wisdom.

Enjoy the video!


OYFE in Sixty Seconds

This is a short, 60 seconds long, promotional video about OYFE Productions.

We are film-makers based in Kent, UK and we provide friendly and affordable video services for everyone.

These are the video services we provide:

– Wedding & Marryoke Videos
– Business Promo Videos & Adverts
– Music Videos & Live Events coverage

Practically anything you want filmed, we can help!

Get in touch today via email or connect with us on Facebook.

Wedding Videos in Kent, Marryoke, Parties and Events Videos

Business Videos, Training Videos, Promos, Showreels and Adverts

Music Videos and Live Events Filming

Business Promotional Videos

750-business-promoOnline videos for businesses with OYFE Productions.

If you own a small business in Kent and have started creating your online presence on Facebook or other social media, have you thought about creating something visual to showcase your products and services in an exciting and dynamic way using online video?

Video is by far the best way to get across your business messages and show your products and services in an economical way with the strongest impact. A well produced and slick business video will generate awareness of your business and help drive more sales for you as your customers can see exactly what they are getting and they will have more confidence in choosing you.

Here at OYFE Productions we are giving you the chance to create a great business film for a tiny amount of money.

Kent Business Videos by OYFE Productions

For the first three responders to this offer, we will come to your business premises or a location of your choosing and spend the day with you to make a film to showcase your products or services. This could be in the form of an advert, some kind of showreel or perhaps an introduction to what you provide or offer. We can show you or your employees doing the work that is making your existing customers happy and help entice new ones to take the plunge.

The final film can be anything from 30 seconds to 2 minutes long and we will conceptualise and film and edit it all to make sure it has the highest impact on your potential and existing customers.

We will then provide you with the final film in a format you can use to share on your website or on the social media channels of your choice.

We will do all of this, all in for just £300.


Imagine having a really great film where customers can immediately see the quality of your products and the people who are creating them, it’s a wonderful way to show off and prove that you are the absolute best at what you do.

If this sounds good and you’d like to know more or book a free consultation meeting to discuss a creative video for your business then please get in touch.

Offer is open to the first THREE businesses to respond.

Video turn around time is within 7 working days.

We offer friendly, affordable filming services for everyone so if you would like anything filmed, call on OYFE Productions.

Call or email Adam today – 07715 7716 60

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