Iwade Rock Music Festival

We will be filming for a second time at the Iwade Rock Music Festival on July 21st 2018!

Iwade Rock is a Charity event raising money for local charities and beneficiaries in the Swale area. There is a great line-up of local bands and all the usual things you would expect from an awesome Music Festival.

We made a video to announce the line-up and help promote the event.

Last time the festival was on in 2016 and we were asked to film the event, this is what we said about the festival at the time:


So if you want a ticket, get online and get some:


Iwade Highlights004.jpg

Here is the video we made in 2016 for more info and what to expect at IWADE ROCK 2018 !!

See you all there!

Iwade Highlights002

Studio Sessions Week – The Random Draw

Studio Sessions Week - The Random Draw!

After listening to an incredible amount of music we whittled our Studio Sessions Week line up to our top three acts which are Arcaves, Slam Cartel and Black Thorn.

Unfortunately Black Thorn were unable to make their session, as they live a long way away, so we substituted them with our favourite runner-up who was Foxer.

We then decided to have a random draw to find our fourth and fifth act, the results are in the video below.

About Studio Sessions Week

Studio Sessions Week is a whole week of new music, delivered by five fantastic, local and UK acts and put together by OYFE Productions in collaboration with Sandstorm Records.

We release a new video each day for a whole week, Monday – Friday so don’t miss that in March 2015!


Book your own Studio Session!

We offer studio sessions at great rates for bands, singers and musicians. You get 6 hours and our team to record tracks and produce a demo video. Feel free to check out our Studio Sessions page for the full details – everyone is welcome!

Studio Sessions - OYFE Productions - Sandstorm Records, Recording time for singers, bands and musicians




Here at OYFE Productions we want to kick off 2014 with a bang and what better way to start than by creating an awesome FREE music video for one lucky band or singer?

A free Music Video?!

We will work with the winner to produce a fantastic music video. This can be anything you like (within reason!) and we will provide a FULL DAY video shoot to capture the footage we need and will edit it into a fantastic music video for the song of your choice. The video will be yours to keep and use as you wish to promote your band or act. The video will be a creative collaboration between us and you and it can be performance orientated or story driven, whatever you think will work well with the song. The prize includes full consultation time with OYFE Productions to come up with the best idea possible and we will build a plan and storyboard to create your video. 750-musicvideocomp HOW TO ENTER To enter, there is a three-step process and no cheating please as we WILL be checking! Do all three things for your chance to win this amazing prize! 1. Visit OYFE Productions Facebook page and LIKE it. OYFE Productions Music Video Competition 2014 2. You will also find a post there about this competition, SHARE this post on your band’s wall or your own timeline. Sharing is caring. 3. Fill in the entry form below. That’s it, easy peasy, its important to us that everyone gets a crack at winning a FREE music video so do please share this around with others who might like to enter. The closing date for entries is 31st January 2014 and we will select a winner at random. The video shoot will take place on a mutually agreed date in February 2014, so make sure you are not on your world tour in February before you enter. So what are you waiting for? We are looking forward to hearing from you!

The entry form:

THIS COMPETITION IS NOW CLOSED. Won by The Overnight Angels.

Stay in touch for more competitions and like us on Facebook to keep up to date.

[/contact-form] MusicVideoComp01a MusicVideoComp05 MusicVideoComp03 Boring Legal Terms & Conditions

  1. This competition is provided free by OYFE Productions and is open to the general public.
  2. The prize offered consists of one fully produced music video created by OYFE Productions and featuring you and/or your band. The prize includes one complete day (up to 10 hours) to film your video and unlimited editing time to create the video.
  3. The entry dates are from 11th December 2013 – 31st January 2014 inclusive. All entries must be received before midnight on 31st January 2014.
  4. OYFE Productions will provide a film crew and all the equipment, cameras and lighting needed to shoot your video. Any additional fees for filming space or venue hire or actors fees are the responsibility of the prize winner. The video can be made anywhere in Kent, UK and at a place of the winners choosing, it can also have elements filmed in multiple locations.
  5. Copyright ownership of the completed video will be joint owned between OYFE Productions and the winner and both parties will hold an exclusive license to rent, copy, transfer, reproduce or broadcast the video however they choose. Basically we will both own it and can do what we like with the completed video.
  6. The winner is obliged to provide us with an exclusive license to create and distribute proprietary works using the music track they have selected for their video.
  7. The band or singer must be the copyright owner/holder of the music track.
  8. Participants may only enter once, however entrants are per individual so if there are four of you in your band, all four people may enter the competition in their own names. This also applies to managers, promoters, friends and family.
  9. All entrants MUST visit our page on Facebook and click LIKE on it.
  10. All entrants MUST SHARE our post about this competition on their band page or personal timeline. It can be shared multiple times if you choose and we will certainly appreciate that!
  11. All entrants MUST complete the above form in full.
  12. The winner will be selected at random and the winning entrant will be announced via our Facebook page on February 1st 2014.
  13. All data submitted to OYFE Productions will be held in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998.
  14. The promoter of this competition is Adam Finch (oyfe@live.com) Director at OYFE Productions.



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