Music Video – Katie Kittermaster

Behind the scenes shot with Katie.

We worked with Katie Kittermaster on her music video for ‘Can you hear me?’

The brief was simple and stylish, and the focus was on the vocal quality. We shot scenes in a local smashed out building in Kent and used the space to emphasise the sadness behind the story being sung.

Katie is a bright young talent with an amazing voice, have a watch of her in action:


If you would like us to produce a music video for you, get in touch via our contact page or hit us up on Facebook.



Helen & George – September 2015

Blogg - Highlights003

We had a road trip over to Dorchester to film at Helen and George’s lovely wedding at the Dorchester Corn Exchange, a fantastic and huge venue for them to celebrate their marriage.


Take a look at their wedding highlights video, showing scenes from throughout the day.

We also filmed the entire ceremony, the speeches, the first dance and we also produced a Video Guestbook with messages from all their guests.

Blogg - Highlights001

Helen sent us a few comments via email about her wedding videography package:


We had a fantastic day with Helen and George and wish them all the best for a happy marriage!


Wedding Videography

We offer a complete selection of Wedding Videography with either a Marryoke video or a video of your ceremony. Clients are invited to choose a package most suited to them and extra elements can be added as you wish for speeches, first dance and our fantastic video guestbook service.


Tom & Beccy – May 2015

We filmed a marryoke and wedding highlights at a brilliant, laid back and fun wedding for Tom & Beccy who had their wedding at The Ferry House Inn in Sheerness.

We created a marryoke video using Depeche Mode’s ‘I just cant get enough’ and everyone who was there joined in with crazy dancing and singing, with one poor chap continually being thrown in a nearby bush!

© DVD Cover photography kindly supplied by Gavin Hardy.


Check out their raucous Marryoke video – I just can’t get enough!

We also produced a wedding highlights video to encapsulate the feeling and vibe of their lovely wedding day.

Naturally Beccy and Tom were completely thrilled with our work and had this to say in an email to us..


Wedding Videography

We offer a complete selection of Wedding Videography with either a Marryoke video or a video of your ceremony. Clients are invited to choose a package most suited to them and extra elements can be added as you wish for speeches, first dance and our fantastic video guestbook service.

OYFE Productions - Wedding Videography in Kent
OYFE Productions – Wedding Videography

Review of the year – 2014


We have had a fantastic time in 2014, filming events and making special videos for people, here is a brief review of 2014.

You can watch OYFE in 60 Seconds 2014 which will show you what we have been up to, if you only have 60 seconds to spare, otherwise, read on:

January – March

We started the year working with Sandstorm Records with Studio Sessions Week, we filmed and recorded five different acts and showed a video every night for a whole week. We’re doing this again in 2014, check here for more info.

In March we worked with a band called The Overnight Angels and produced a music video called “The Bridge”.

April – June

In April we helped promote GeekFest, a science fiction convention down in Folkestone, which helped to engage more people to come along, the event was massive and a huge success.

Spiderman is going to GEEKFEST at the Leas Cliff Hall

In May we helped a team of guys establish the Hole in The Wall Party Barn, an amazing party venue in a box which was quite a challenge to describe, but a great, fun night of partying.

Party Barn

We also recorded some LIVE performances for The Devil’s Cut Combo while we were there.

July – September


Wedding Season began in July for us this year and we set to work making incredible marryoke videos and producing lovely, romantic and moving wedding videography for our clients.

The OYFE Productions Wedding Video Team - Adam and Dave
Adam & Dave. Yesterday.

In August we filmed at the all-new Weald of Kent Steam Rally and met some amazing people and their incredible machines.

Steam Rally001

We also began filming a music video for The Midnight River Crew called My City of Fire.

My City of Fire - The Midnight River Crew

In September we launched our Folkestone Zombie Walk video campaign with TWO awesome videos to help promote it and get people to attend.

We also produced a video in 2013 for this event.

Folkestone Zombie Walk 2014

October – December


In October we travelled to Blackburn to film and produce a special DVD for a music festival called JimFest.

We met loads of great bands and had our largest ever DVD production run of the final video.


We also produced a special promotional video for horror make up and make over experts, Horrify Me and Adam got a chance to be an authentic zombie! (yikes!)

Adam from OYFE Productions after the Zombie Apocalypse

We also filmed more weddings and parties and video guestbooks to see out an amazing year!

We provide all kinds of videography services, from weddings, parties and live events to promotional and music videos.

Thank you to all our clients and to those who believed in us to deliver video awesomeness. We know you are happy and the pleasure was all ours! 🙂

We hope to see you all in front of our cameras in 2015 – Happy New Year!

OYFE Productions - Music Videos in Kent
OYFE Productions – Wedding Videography, Music and Corporate Videos

The Party Barn – A Unique Party Venue

The Hole in the Wall Party Barn - vintage retro speakeasy

Our friends, the guys from The Devil’s Cut Combo, Rob and George invited OYFE Productions to their first party in their brand new party barn!

Watch the video to see the Party Barn come to life!

The Party Barn stage

Rob and George wanted to create their own speakeasy style Party Barn that they could set up anywhere. George being a master carpenter and one of those guys who can build just about anything set about creating a timber frame to make a non-permanent party venue with room for a stage and bar, that they can put up anywhere and they really have, the barn is amazing!

The guys are looking to hire this as a venue / party concept and have created an amazing package, literally a massive vintage, retro, party in a box!

Rob Hillier from The Devils Cut Combo Rockabilly band

You get:

  • The Barn – an awesome place to have your party come rain or shine!

  • A well stocked bar with vintage cocktails, wines and cask conditioned ales.

  • The Devil’s Cut Combo band who will rock the party out all night long.

  • Singers and side-show acts

  • Magician entertaining the crowds

  • Dancers performing 50’s era dance moves

  • A retro DJ

  • Vaudeville Cabaret acts, Stilt-walkers, Fire breathers and dancers

  • Your favourite film crew (us!)

  • Plus loads of other neat touches and ideas

cocktails and moonshine in the party barn! Rosy Apples - The Fire Dancer Adam Hoffman - Amazing Magician

The whole theme is of a retro, vintage 50’s dance hall, great for your guests to dress up and come and party.

We really hope the guys lots of luck with this venture, if you’d like to book the Hole in the wall Party Barn or find out more, get in touch with Rob Hillier at Gotcha Records.

The Devils Cut Combo - LIVE in the Party Barn!

The party was served up with lashings of hot boogie woogie in the Party Barn!

OYFE Productions The Moving Pictures Recording Company

New Music Video – The Overnight Angels – The Bridge

Jake Cook on the dtr

We are very pleased to announce the release of an all new music video for The Overnight Angels and their awesome track, The Bridge.

The Overnight Angels are a young, energetic UK rock/metal band.

Self launched and managed they are currently recording some new and original material.

Niki Angels - The Overnight Angels Vocalist

Tracks like Run! From Here, What You Take Me For and Pulling Me Down, aim with quick fire pace, catchy choruses, hooks and riffs. The song ‘The Bridge’ shows a more heavier sound and a more complex style to their music productions as you’ll see in the official video. Going full circle, the altogether softer sounding ‘Vale Amor‘ shows versatility and Niki’s fantastic vocal range and ability.

The band have strong influence from the likes of Evanescence, My Chemical Romance, Avenged Sevenfold, The Pretty Reckless and Bullet for My Valentine but hold their own and wrap in their own style.

You can check out some more songs from The Overnight Angels on and hook up with them socially on Facebook & Twitter.

We loved working with such a brilliant and enthusiastic band and we look forward to collaborating with them again in the future.


If you would like to shoot a music video with us, get in touch, we are currently running an AMAZING special deal until 27th July 2014 and we are looking for bands – ask about the JULY27 deal and we will mail you back with all the details.

OYFE Productions - Music Videos in Kent
OYFE Productions – Music Videos in Kent


Folkestone GEEKFEST Event

Spiderman is going to GEEKFEST at the Leas Cliff Hall

In association with Planet Folkestone we are proud to be supporting GEEKFEST an amazing Sci-Fi convention happening in Folkestone, Kent on Saturday May 10th 2014.

The event is in aid of The Rainbow Centre in Folkestone and Great Ormond Street Childrens hospital to help raise vital funds.

We have produced an exciting action movie with a cast of recognisable characters from movies and television to promote the event and help boost awareness to get as many people down to Folkestone as possible.

Please enjoy:

This video was shot on location in Folkestone with support and collaboration with the GEEKFEST team, Planet Folkestone and local businesses.

Geekfest Team - Folkestone

Many thanks to: Terri ‘Zombie’ Marsh, James Spain, Andy Butcher, Ashley Fuggle, Ash White, David French, Eric Moore, Gav Smith and Martin Crampton.


So what’s going on at GEEKFEST ?

  • Collectors Fair
  • Phizzog Sci Fi Bodypainting jam
  • Halo Projector Gaming
  • Actor signings

Who can I meet?

A myriad of costumers will be at the event in full force and also these famous names + more!

  • Dave Prowse (Darth Vader himself!)
  • Katy Manning (Jo Grant, Dr Who)
  • Lalla Ward (Romana, Dr Who)
  • Michael Jayston (Valegard, Dr Who)
  • Caroline Munro (Hammer Horror and Sci fi legend)
  • Martine Beswick (James Bond)
  • John Leeson (The voice of K9, Dr Who)
  • Pam Rose (Star Wars, Batman, Superman)
  • Alan Flyng (Star Wars)
  • Michael Henbury (Star Wars, Labyrinth)
  • Ken Coombs (Star Wars)
  • Nick Joseph (Dr Who, Blake 7)
  • Peter Roy (Star Wars, Dr Who)
  • Ken Colley (Star Wars)
  • Wolf Kahler (Indiana Jones, Sherlock Holmes)


Do I need a ticket?

If you would like to come to GEEKFEST you can obtain tickets via TicketSource and you can join their very active Facebook event page to find out up-to-the-minute details.

The Leas Cliff Hall – Saturday 10th May 2014

Adults: £5.00

Children: £3.00

Under fives: FREE

Please do come along and support this fantastic event!




Judge Dredd The Rocketeer, SandTrooper


GEEKFEST Folkestone - 10thMay 2014

2014 Wedding Video Packages in Kent

Happy New Year everyone!

Here at OYFE Productions we are gearing up for another fantastic year of wedding videos and are open for bookings.

If you are still trying to decide who you would like to have filming your wedding, here is a little taster of the kind of work we do, this is “OYFE Weddings in 60 Seconds“.


Wedding Video Packages

We have a number of packages with different options and will be present and involved in your entire day and will film whatever you want. Adam and Dave work as a team, so with two camera operators and multiple cameras we ensure that we capture every single magic moment and all the bits you don’t see because you are too busy getting married!

For all weddings we film we supply the completed videos on professionally produced DVDs and we give you several copies to share with your families. Also in 2014 we will start supplying completed videos on USB Sticks at full high definition playback. Please ask for details if you would prefer this over DVD.

Wedding Videos by OYFE Productions save £100 in October!
Wedding Videos by OYFE Productions.

We pride ourselves on a professional, yet flexible and friendly service.

We judge our wedding videos on how much the bride cries when she sees it!


Here are a few of our favourite videos from 2013.

A wedding highlights video for Clare & Natalie.

This is a short 10 minute cut from a huge feature length wedding movie we made for Clare & Natalie.

A wedding highlights video for Tasha & Bill.

A wedding highlights video for Teresa & Andy.


Wedding Video Marryoke

We also provide a complete Marryoke service as well, these are LOTS of fun to make – please see our Marryoke page for details.

Here is an example..

Marryoke for Tasha & Bill – Dirty Bit!


Prices & Details

Our wedding video prices start from £499 and you can also see what our customers are saying about us.

If you are interested in booking, please get in touch online and we will come and visit you (with absolutely no obligation) to find out all your plans and see how we can film your special wedding day.

Dates for 2014 are getting booked up fast, so don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Adam & Dave

Record a showreel or music video with OYFE Studio Sessions

OYFE Studio Sessions

OYFE Studio Sessions - Professional recording and videography

We are offering bands, singers and musicians the chance to create a collection of media to use to promote themselves with professionally recorded music tracks and videos.


For the princely sum of £349, bring along your instruments to our Studio in Goudhurst, Kent and have an OYFE Studio Session. Adam Finch (Videographer) and Lee Golledge (Music Producer) will be on hand to provide six hours of recording time where you can record your music tracks and while doing so we will also create a music video or two.

The session is yours, use the time as you wish, shall we make a multi-track showreel or just focus on one perfectly polished studio style music video? Adam and Lee will guide you as how best to get the most out of your session. Once we have recorded and filmed everything Adam and Lee will then get to work producing the music and editing the footage and about a week later you will receive a package of media to start showing off your skills!

What can I do in six hours?

In a typical six hour session with some careful planning you could have:

  • 3-4 perfectly mixed and mastered songs in Mp3 format
  • One stylish, professionally filmed studio style music video
  • 10-15 promotional photographs

Doing this, your video could be like this example we did for The Marlee Duo.

Or if you wanted to work on a showreel we could produce:

  • A set of audio clips in mp3 format (not full songs)
  • 1-2 showreel videos
  • 10-15 promotional photographs

We did this for some clients who have two acts, “The 2Seekers” and “Pop goes Eurovision” and in the six hours recording time we made TWO showreels.

So these are examples of what you could do at your OYFE Studio Session.

Here are the videos:


We are flexible, friendly guys and have a great studio and a range of equipment to use to make high quality media for our singers and bands.

The full details about OYFE Studio Sessions and what we provide can be found here.

It’s completely free to get in touch and talk about your project, we are very accommodating and look forward to hearing from you!

Lee Golledge - Music Producer for OYFE Studio Sessions



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