Keep yourself safe from Wedding Video Scams

Keep yourself safe with our 5 point checklist!

It has come to our attention recently about a number of engaged couples who have been let down or all out scammed by their wedding videographer or photographer.

The stories vary, but its the same old thing over and over:

“We paid them a deposit and then never heard from them ever again.”


We find this quite annoying as it puts the Wedding Videography industry that we are part of, in a terrible light and I personally would hate to be in the same society as the people who do these horrible scams.

So to keep yourself safe and ensure that you don’t fall foul for these scams, here is OYFE Productions 5 point checklist to consider.

Number 1 – Check out their work THOROUGHLY!

Before engaging a wedding videographer or photographer take a good, hard look at their work – is it done well, does it match up with your style and the kinds of things that you like?

For videography, look at a wide selection of their videos, are they consistent, do they have a similar feel and vibe to them? For bonus points check their logos and any info they put at the end or start of their videos, do these logos match the company logo that they work for?



Number 2 – Check out their social media!

If you’ve found someone who seems AWESOME and you want them to shoot your wedding, it pays to have a poke around at their social media. Are their videos consistent across Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram?

Have a deeper look, how long have they been posting/tweeting for? Anything less than 6 months or a year should be a warning sign!

Have a look at their reviews and any testimonials they have shared, are they unique?

Do the names match up with videos they have shared, do they seem legitimate?



Number 3 – Book in a meeting

I know that we live in an immediate world and we can get stuff instantly, the scammers will always prey on the people who can’t wait. So before handing over a penny to anyone, meet up with them first, either in person or on Skype so you can see who is potentially filming your wedding. When you do meet them, challenge everything and ask them questions, maybe ask them further details on their videos that you have seen – you will soon tell if they are legit.

At OYFE Productions we always meet up with clients before their wedding to discuss all the plans, and if distance is a problem, we always get our people to Skype us or use Facetime for an ‘in-person’ chat.

Scammers do not want you to see their face.

It is also an idea to randomly give them a call and ask about their wedding services, if there is no answer or response then you know who you are dealing with.


Number 4 – Check contact details

Always find out who is involved with a company or business that you engage for your wedding videography and keep a note of name, address and contact numbers, emails etc of who you spoke with when you booked.

There is no point trusting Facebook to remember everything for you, Facebook pages can be deleted in a flash leaving you with no recourse to contact a scammer who has done a runner with your hard earned cash.


Number 5 – See a contract or terms of service document

contractTo have a leg to stand on in a court situation, if you have a contract that a company has failed to deliver on then you can seek compensation.

Before paying a deposit, see a contract. A good company will send you a videography contract that has been signed and details everything that they are going to do for you and how much and all the other (rather boring) terms of service.

Get a contract, read it carefully before signing and keep copies. No contract, no booking.


BONUS Number 6 – The best way to avoid scams

We hope that you find this article useful and we can’t help but point out that you can save yourself a whole load of hassle by simply getting in touch with Adam from OYFE Productions. He will book you in professionally, take care of you, give you a wedding videography contract, deliver all the things you ask for and you will get awesome wedding videography into the bargain!

Be safe out there and you know where to find us if you need us!

An ideal wedding checklist if ever we saw one!

Horrify Me – Horror Photography Video

Horrify Me - Horror Photography

Following our work with the Folkestone Zombie Walk, a fun charity walk coming up on November 1st, we had a unique opportunity to produce a video to showcase the work of the horror photography experts at Horrify Me.

What Rick Jones and his team do is absolutely incredible, these are not just fancy dress monsters and cheap make up, Rick specialises in producing authentic, hollywood movie style imagery that is truly worthy of a place on a billboard – these are the real deal, if you book a photo shoot he will make you look amazing!

Horrify Me004

So Adam “got zombied-up” and took part in the photo shoot joining the zombie horde and this video neatly showcases what it is like to book in and have a horrify me photo shoot.

Horrify Me Photo Shoot


Folkestone Zombie Walk Team

The process is fairly straight-forward, we arrived at Horrify Me HQ and handed over some clothes for ruining. Rick then set about putting on a base white layer on Adam’s face, followed by some bruising and aging of the skin. Finally, Rick applies some super top secret ingredients of blood, goo and muck. About 15 minutes later, Adam was  a realistic and evil looking zombie!

You can have straight up portrait style shots or do something gross or horse around, Rick comes up with lots of ideas of poses and arranges big group shots, at one point we were all down on the floor feasting on blood and guts. Another time we were drooling sick gross stuff out of our mouths, it was fun and messy!

Horrify Me006

Horrify Me010

If you would like to be a zombie or a vampire, or practically any kind of horror monster, Rick will make you look awesome. The images after he has done his magic are completely out of this world – amazing.

Here’s Adam’s Zombie Portrait which is being used to promote the Zombie Walk:

Adam from OYFE Productions after the Zombie Apocalypse


It was an amazing, interesting and fun day out and the final images are completely fantastic. You only need to look at the Horrify Me site to get an idea of the work Rick does and it certainly gets the thumbs up from us!

“great fun, hilarious, if a little bit icky and the final images are AMAZING!” – Adam Finch


Don’t forget to join in at the Folkestone Zombie Walk on November 1st, check out the Facebook page for the latest details and information.

Horrify Me001

Horrify Me015

Wedding Videos in Kent

Wedding Videos by OYFE Productions - Wedding Films, Wedding Videography

We are open for business and looking for lovely brides and grooms to film on their big day.

We offer a selection of wedding video packages to cater for all weddings, big and small starting from £499.

OYFE Productions are committed to ensuring that your wedding day is captured in the best and most interesting way with every single magic moment captured on video for you to keep and remember forever.

Our packages and rates and very flexible and before we get to the wedding day we will meet with you to outline the plan for the days video shoot and we will take notes to make sure that we capture all the key players and don’t miss a single thing. What is wonderful is that the bride and groom are so busy getting married that they don’t see half of the lovely and funny things that go on with all their guests during the course of the day but fear not, we will be around with cameras whirring to capture it all.

OYFE Productions provides two skilled camera operators for every wedding and we use multiple cameras to capture every angle. We only shoot video in high definition and use professional level equipment to ensure that the film quality is superb and crystal clear.

We will provide a beautiful cut chronicling your big day from start to finish and also video of your wedding ceremony, the speeches, the first dance, we will capture it all.

2-6 weeks after your wedding you will receive a DVD package of your big day, we also provide all videos in Social Media friendly formats for publishing on YouTube or Facebook so your friends and family around the world can see your big day in lovely crystal clear HD.

If you would like to see our full range of wedding packages please take a look at our Wedding Videos page.

But that’s not all!

We also can provide a Video Guestbook service where we can gather your guests up and have them leave messages for you on film. When we have all this recorded we will make a cool and interesting video keepsake to remind you in years to come about your friends and family’s reaction to your wedding day.

We also offer a cool Marryoke service too.

Marryoke anyone?

If you haven’t heard about this, marryoke is a crazy wedding video phenomenon where we encourage your guests to sing a few lines or a few words from a song of your choice and from that we will edit together a really cool music video of your guests and everyone at your wedding singing your chosen song. This service alone is available to book for £449.

If you would like to know more, or would like to meet us to discuss filming your wedding, we would be delighted to come and see you.

Feel free to get in touch using the form below or call us, connect with us online or via email.

Let us capture your big day.. We love a good wedding!

Wedding videographer - kent. Wedding Videos, Video Guestbook and Marryoke.

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