Studio Sessions Week – The Videos!

Welcome to Studio Sessions Week 2016

Studio Sessions Week 2016

To showcase the Studio Sessions service we provide with our friends at Sandstorm Records, every year we throw open our doors to FIVE artists to come and record with us for free. This is what we have done this year, five great artists and we will release the videos, one each evening all this week.

The videos will show up here at 8pm every night.

The Full Schedule:

8pm Monday 20th June – Valerio Lysander
8pm Tuesday 21st June – Paolo Morena
8pm Wednesday 22nd June – Bedroom/Boredom
8pm Thursday 23rd June – Arc Isla
8pm Friday 24th June – Arcaves


Valerio Lysander

Released on Monday 20th June 2016

Valerio Lysander performing 'Ryan'

Valerio Lysander is having a very busy year with releasing his EP entitled ‘Tidal Metal Head’ and has taken the plunge by quitting all his other jobs to concentrate solely on his music career. Valerio has a melancholy soul which is reflected in his music, but the song he performed for Studio Sessions Week called ‘Ryan’ is a fun, bubbly and toe-tapping track that moves along with a fabulous pace.

Check out Valerio Lysander who has gigs mostly in the London area, but there are plenty of events where you can catch him.

Valerio’s upcoming gigs on Facebook

Paolo Morena

Released on Tuesday 21st June 2016

SSW16 - Paolo Morena001

We met Paolo at a gig in Chelmsford, Essex at The Bassment bar and were blown away by his unique and incredible looping music. Paolo is a true musician and show-man and performs with a whole band, but all by himself. The magic comes from the technology Paolo uses which enables him to play drums, keyboard, guitar, whatever he feels and he builds the music live in layers. It’s an incredible thing to watch and with our video we have tried to show this process by shooting the whole song in one take so you can see how it all happens.

Paolo recently released a single called ‘It’s only love’ which you can check out in all the usual channels, if you want to see him live which we strongly recommend, check out his events listing on Facebook.

Bedroom / Boredom

Released on Wednesday 22nd June 2016

Bedroom / Boredom

The first thing we can say about these guys is ENERGY and lots of it! Bedroom / Boredom which is led by Dan Rimmer are a 7-piece band with a brass section. The boys play at blistering speed and have a high-paced and melodic feel to them while packing significant punch. Dan’s vocals sound as if they are coming from someone much older than him and they have a deepness and strength that smashes out during the songs making them fairly unforgettable. The boys delivered a fantastic performance for Studio Sessions Week using the full compliment of instruments and capabilities and ended with a great song called ‘Sex Hair’.

Having literally just brought out their first EP called ‘I wouldn’t worry’ the timing of this video is perfect and will allow you to get a feel for what this band is all about. Do check out their EP in all the usual places, and a good place to start is on their Bandcamp page.

Arc Isla

Released on Thursday 23rd June 2016

SSW16 - Arc Isla005
Arc Isla, a four piece indie band travelled down from Nottingham to record with us and played a great rocky track called ‘Cut your losses’. The track is a great sounding indie rock track with smooth vocals, interesting and unusual guitar sounds and big crashing drums.

Arc Isla have a new single out called ‘The Basement’ which is available to download now from iTunes and the boys have lots of shows planned around the Midlands throughout the rest of 2016.


Released on Friday 24th June 2016

SSW16 - Arcaves004

Following on from last years fantastic Studio Session track, ‘Stockholm‘, Arcaves returned to our studio again this year and this time with the full band of Billy and Liv on vocals, Dan on the drums, Lewis on the keyboard and Dominic on Bass. The band have been busy having performed at V-Festival last year, recorded a tribute track to the Paris Terror attacks earlier this year called ‘I love you all the time’ alongside Kings of Leon, Elton John and many others – this is absolutely the band to watch.

In addition to recording their wonderful track called ‘I wake up’, Arcaves also recently released a new track called ‘Man Enough’ which is available to listen to in all the usual outlets along with a new music video. We expect huge things from Arcaves and look forward to seeing what they do next.

SSW16 - Arcaves001
Video will appear here! 🙂


We had a blast producing these videos!

If you would like to showcase your band or act with a Studio Session style video you can hire us and visit us at Sandstorm Records in Goudhurst, Kent and we will do the same for you.

Prices start from a very reasonable £400 and include full recording, mixing and mastering of your track and a video – everything you need to get your sounds out there to the masses.

Come along and say hello on Facebook or email, we look forward to hearing from you!


Sandstorm Records


Studio Sessions Week 2016


It’s time once again for our Studio Sessions Week!

What is Studio Sessions Week?

Now in it’s third year, we throw open our doors at Sandstorm Records and invite singers, bands and musicians to come and record a track and studio video with us, for free.

A few weeks after the recording session we have a special week where we release a new track and video every night for a whole week!

Bands and singers get a free mastered track and video to promote with and we get to produce and showcase some awesome music, and all for free.

To get a better idea of what this is all about, check out last year’s event.

Photo 18-02-2016 22 14 14 (1)

How does it work?

  • We invite bands from all over to submit an application to take part on our special Studio Sessions Week 2016 entry form.

  • We then review everyone’s entry, listen to all the stuff you send us and select 5 acts to take part.

  • The selected acts will join us at our studio in Goudhurst, Kent to record their track and video.

  • Several weeks later we release all the new music, one per night, every night for a whole week.


When does all this happen?

All acts will be recorded over a single weekend, this year the recording slots are:

  • Saturday 23rd April (9am-12pm)

  • Saturday 23rd April (1pm-4pm)

  • Saturday 23rd April (5pm-8pm)

  • Sunday 24th April (9am-12pm)

  • Sunday 24th April (1pm-4pm)

All acts must be available on at least one of these dates to take part.



So how can I get involved?

Easy, if you are in a band or regularly sing at gigs, or indeed if you are a musician doing your own thing, perhaps with an interesting instrument – we want to hear from you!

Step 1
Go on Facebook and LIKE the OYFE Productions page.

Step 2
Go on Facebook and LIKE the Sandstorm Records page.

By doing this, you can find out more about our studio and how we roll and also keep in touch with all the latest offers and special recording deals with us.

Step 3
Complete our Studio Sessions 2016 entry form and tell us exactly why you or your band needs to be in Studio Sessions Week.

Photography by Joanna Lane.

A few rules and points to note – PLEASE READ.

  1. We will be recording and filming all participating acts during one weekend in April.

  2. There are specific time slots, so please only enter if you can make one or more of these dates and tell us on your entry form.

  3. To ensure a high quality recording and video, bands must be on time at the studio at their scheduled time.

  4. The Sandstorm Records studio is in Goudhurst in Kent, so if you live in Timbuktu, make sure you can get to us before entering.

  5. We are recording original songs only, no covers please, all acts must have a song rehearsed that we can record.

  6. We will review and listen to tracks and videos that bands send us, so do please send us links. Impress us as we will be choosing the best acts out of everyone who enters.


Still up for it? FILL IN THIS FORM for your chance to join us!

Don’t forget we also have a range of great value Studio Sessions packages for you to book in and record with us and these are available anytime – just give us a bell.



Sandstorm Records


Terms & Conditions

  1. Offer is open to all bands, singers and musicians
  2. Closing date for entries to take part in Studio Sessions Week is midnight on Sunday 27th March 2016, no entries will be accepted after this time.
  3. The Top Five acts that we choose will be notified on Thursday 31st March 2016.
  4. No cash prize, the five acts who take part in Studio Sessions Week will receive a FREE fully produced audio recording of a song of their choice and a studio demo video to showcase their act. This media will be made available to the artists, after their video has been shown during Studio Sessions Week.
  5. All participants agree to appear in our marketing activity around this event and for their video and likenesses to be shown during Studio Sessions Week.
  6. All participants agree to their video being hosted on the OYFE Productions/Sandstorm Records YouTube Channels in perpetuity.
  7. All participants are required to LIKE both the OYFE Productions and Sandstorm Records Facebook pages.
  8. All participants are required to sign our videography and recording agreement prior to the studio recording.
  9. All materials produced at these sessions will be copyright of Sandstorm Records and OYFE Productions, however exclusive unrestricted license will be granted to each act to use the audio track and video as they wish and for commercial gain.
  10. Final track (mp3) and video file will be provided to the band two weeks after Studio Sessions Week has ended.
  11. The five bands will be required to bring cake for the team at their Studio Session slot. This is non-negotiable, we provide the tea and coffee.
  12. Any questions, queries or press enquiries should be directed to OYFE Productions using our regular contact form. We will endeavour to get back to you within 48 hours.

Studio Sessions with Undecided Prophecy

Undecided Prophecy001

We recently worked with a hot new Kent rock band, Undecided Prophecy at one of our Studio Sessions.

The guys recorded seven new music tracks and we produced some studio videos of their tracks, the first one is called ‘No money’.

The main focus was on producing a video for ‘No money’ but the guys recorded an amazing, haunting song called ‘Set me free’ so we made a video for that too.

The band is led by Adam Vee and features the talents of Jamie Houlihan on guitar, Shane Lee on bass and Dom Houlihan on drums. The guys have a great rock edge, with a 90s style old skool Guns N Roses, Nirvana and Aerosmith kind of groove. Have a listen!




Studio Sessions

Studio Sessions are for singers, bands and musicians looking to record some high quality music tracks and a video demo of their performance. We work with our partner, Lee Golledge from Sandstorm Records and record at his studio in Goudhurst Kent.

Four hour sessions to produce three tracks and video start from £400. If you would like more info, see our Studio Sessions page for the full details.

Studio Sessions Week

Studio Sessions Week - OYFE Productions & Sandstorm Records

This week is Studio Sessions Week!

Back in January this year we asked bands and singers to take part in Studio Sessions Week, an amazing week of new, cool music to showcase musical talent and to show the world what we can do at OYFE Productions and Sandstorm Records. We had a great response to this with over 40 bands applying to take part.

We selected our five and we’ve been hard at work producing their music tracks and studio demo videos and we will be releasing a new track every night this week at 8pm.

The videos will be added to this list when they come out, and you can read about the bands below.


Monday 30th March 2015 – Redhead – Live for today

Redhead are led by Ellis Crewe-Candy and his band from Basingstoke. They have a classic rock groove to their music which we thought was very much akin to Guns N Roses. The band is made up of Ellis Crewe-Candy on vocals, Robbie Wahfoot on lead Guitar, Sean ‘Seamus’ Queenan on Bass and Phillip ‘Pet’ Tetlow on drums. The boys recorded a great new track called ‘Live for today’.


Tuesday 31st March 2015 – Slam Cartel – Hypnotised


Slam Cartel brought their huge band and massive smashing rock sounds to the studio to record a live version of ‘Hypnotised’. The band is led by the charismatic Gary Moffat and with Terence Warville on Guitar, Damian J Fawsett on Lead Guitar, Marc Neudeck on Bass and Steve Campkin on the drums.


Wednesday 1st April 2015 – Foxer – Go to bed

Foxer have an old school bluesy rock vibe to their music and performed a song called ‘Go to bed’ which is wise words for those who sit up all night editing videos. Sam J Cutbush leads the band on Bass and vocals, Chris “Peaceman” Peace on Guitar, Roy Ludford also on Guitar and Synth and Jack Mitchell plays the Drums.


Thursday 2nd April 2015 – Arcaves – Stockholm

Arcaves brought an outstanding performance of one of their new songs called ‘Stockholm’, a mesmerisingly hypnotic piece that is a treat for your ears. Billy Wright and Liv Curtis supply beautiful vocals superbly inter-twined with Dan’s percussion and sounds, this is late night pop (as they call it) at it’s absolute best and this track would not be out of place in a thoughtful Hollywood movie soundtrack. Gorgeous.


Friday 3rd April 2015 – The Reckostacks – You, me in a bucket

We met Alex Beharrell at our recent Local Aid recording with his commanding voice and stage presence. This time he brought his band, The Reckostacks and their eclectic, bluesy folk vibe track called ‘You, me and a bucket’ which was performed with huge enthusiasm which led to a brilliant, inspiring studio session. The band is made up of Alex Beharrell on vocals and acoustic guitar, Chris Rouse on Lead Guitar, Phil Hodge on the biggest bass you have ever seen and Tom Heasman on the Drums – watch him on the fast bits!


Book your own Studio Session from £349

We offer Studio Sessions to bands and singers who are looking to get some material together to start gigging and promoting themselves. For £349 you can come to the Sandstorm Records studio in Goudhurst, Kent and we will provide a six hour recording session to mix and master several tracks and to make a studio demo video like these.

Please see the studio sessions page for the full details. We also can provide creative music video productions, lyrics videos and all manner of audio recording services.

If you would like to know more or book in, please get in touch.

ssw-oyfe ssw-sandstorm

Horrify Me – Horror Photography Video

Horrify Me - Horror Photography

Following our work with the Folkestone Zombie Walk, a fun charity walk coming up on November 1st, we had a unique opportunity to produce a video to showcase the work of the horror photography experts at Horrify Me.

What Rick Jones and his team do is absolutely incredible, these are not just fancy dress monsters and cheap make up, Rick specialises in producing authentic, hollywood movie style imagery that is truly worthy of a place on a billboard – these are the real deal, if you book a photo shoot he will make you look amazing!

Horrify Me004

So Adam “got zombied-up” and took part in the photo shoot joining the zombie horde and this video neatly showcases what it is like to book in and have a horrify me photo shoot.

Horrify Me Photo Shoot


Folkestone Zombie Walk Team

The process is fairly straight-forward, we arrived at Horrify Me HQ and handed over some clothes for ruining. Rick then set about putting on a base white layer on Adam’s face, followed by some bruising and aging of the skin. Finally, Rick applies some super top secret ingredients of blood, goo and muck. About 15 minutes later, Adam was  a realistic and evil looking zombie!

You can have straight up portrait style shots or do something gross or horse around, Rick comes up with lots of ideas of poses and arranges big group shots, at one point we were all down on the floor feasting on blood and guts. Another time we were drooling sick gross stuff out of our mouths, it was fun and messy!

Horrify Me006

Horrify Me010

If you would like to be a zombie or a vampire, or practically any kind of horror monster, Rick will make you look awesome. The images after he has done his magic are completely out of this world – amazing.

Here’s Adam’s Zombie Portrait which is being used to promote the Zombie Walk:

Adam from OYFE Productions after the Zombie Apocalypse


It was an amazing, interesting and fun day out and the final images are completely fantastic. You only need to look at the Horrify Me site to get an idea of the work Rick does and it certainly gets the thumbs up from us!

“great fun, hilarious, if a little bit icky and the final images are AMAZING!” – Adam Finch


Don’t forget to join in at the Folkestone Zombie Walk on November 1st, check out the Facebook page for the latest details and information.

Horrify Me001

Horrify Me015

Folkestone Zombie Walk 2014

Folkestone Zombie Walk is on 1st November 2014!

Once again we are pleased to get involved in a project with Planet Folkestone to help promote this years Zombie Walk in aid of the East Kent Hospitals Charity.

UPDATE: Take part in the Folkestone Zombie Spot, a viral video we made to encourage zombies to find themselves in our vid and tag in anyone they recognise to help spread the word.

What’s going on?

On November 1st 2014 everyone is invited to “get their zombie on” and join the zombie horde down at Folkestone for a fun afternoon and evening of zombie madness. This year as in subsequent years the zombies will be amassing and taking a slow, staggering zombie shuffle through the town and everyone is invited to take part.

The walk starts at 3.30pm and Zombies are invited to amass at the Leas Cliff Hall. We are collecting for the East Kent Hospitals Charity so raid your old tins and jam jars at home and bring some coins to throw in our collection buckets.

 Zombie II-003

An Evening of Zombie Madness

This year, in addition to the Zombie Walk there will also be a Zombie Halloween Ball taking place after the walk at The Leas Cliff Hall and participants in the walk are entitled to a ‘buy one get one free’ offer on tickets for the ball. Keep an eye out on the Planet Folkestone or Zombie Walk pages on Facebook for details.

At least you won’t have to worry too much about what to wear…

Folkestone Zombie Walk 2014

So what’s with the video?

For Folkestone Zombie Walk 2014 we shot a short film with the Folkestone Zombie Walk as the backdrop. Using local actress, Maddy Harber and people we met on the day we created fun and interesting news reporting as if our intrepid reporter was on the scene in Folkestone as the zombie outbreak started. The video plays like a movie trailer and features many local people who took part in 2013’s zombie walk.

In addition, the Folkestone Zombie Walk video campaign also has some viral news videos which were released on the OYFE Productions Facebook page to further enhance and generate excitement about the event.

You can also check out last years Zombie Walk Video which was an homage to the TV show ‘The Walking Dead’.

 Zombie II-004

This year’s Zombie Partners:

Folkestone Zombie Walk (FZW) is supported by the following local companies. Go show them some love.

Absolute Grafix

Providing posters and flyers for the event.

Horrify Me

Phizzog Face & Body Painters

Supporting high quality make up and providing services for those needing to “Zombie up”.

OYFE Productions

Produces kick-ass promo videos and provides coverage of the event.

Planet Folkestone

A non-profit team who supports and manages the whole event.

Leas Cliff Hall

Hosting the Halloween Zombie Ball.

We are proud to support the East Kent Hospitals Charity (Reg No.1076555)

East Kent Hospitals Charity   Zombie II-005 Zombie Walk012 OYFE Productions - Music Videos in Kent

The Party Barn – A Unique Party Venue

The Hole in the Wall Party Barn - vintage retro speakeasy

Our friends, the guys from The Devil’s Cut Combo, Rob and George invited OYFE Productions to their first party in their brand new party barn!

Watch the video to see the Party Barn come to life!

The Party Barn stage

Rob and George wanted to create their own speakeasy style Party Barn that they could set up anywhere. George being a master carpenter and one of those guys who can build just about anything set about creating a timber frame to make a non-permanent party venue with room for a stage and bar, that they can put up anywhere and they really have, the barn is amazing!

The guys are looking to hire this as a venue / party concept and have created an amazing package, literally a massive vintage, retro, party in a box!

Rob Hillier from The Devils Cut Combo Rockabilly band

You get:

  • The Barn – an awesome place to have your party come rain or shine!

  • A well stocked bar with vintage cocktails, wines and cask conditioned ales.

  • The Devil’s Cut Combo band who will rock the party out all night long.

  • Singers and side-show acts

  • Magician entertaining the crowds

  • Dancers performing 50’s era dance moves

  • A retro DJ

  • Vaudeville Cabaret acts, Stilt-walkers, Fire breathers and dancers

  • Your favourite film crew (us!)

  • Plus loads of other neat touches and ideas

cocktails and moonshine in the party barn! Rosy Apples - The Fire Dancer Adam Hoffman - Amazing Magician

The whole theme is of a retro, vintage 50’s dance hall, great for your guests to dress up and come and party.

We really hope the guys lots of luck with this venture, if you’d like to book the Hole in the wall Party Barn or find out more, get in touch with Rob Hillier at Gotcha Records.

The Devils Cut Combo - LIVE in the Party Barn!

The party was served up with lashings of hot boogie woogie in the Party Barn!

OYFE Productions The Moving Pictures Recording Company

Folkestone GEEKFEST Event

Spiderman is going to GEEKFEST at the Leas Cliff Hall

In association with Planet Folkestone we are proud to be supporting GEEKFEST an amazing Sci-Fi convention happening in Folkestone, Kent on Saturday May 10th 2014.

The event is in aid of The Rainbow Centre in Folkestone and Great Ormond Street Childrens hospital to help raise vital funds.

We have produced an exciting action movie with a cast of recognisable characters from movies and television to promote the event and help boost awareness to get as many people down to Folkestone as possible.

Please enjoy:

This video was shot on location in Folkestone with support and collaboration with the GEEKFEST team, Planet Folkestone and local businesses.

Geekfest Team - Folkestone

Many thanks to: Terri ‘Zombie’ Marsh, James Spain, Andy Butcher, Ashley Fuggle, Ash White, David French, Eric Moore, Gav Smith and Martin Crampton.


So what’s going on at GEEKFEST ?

  • Collectors Fair
  • Phizzog Sci Fi Bodypainting jam
  • Halo Projector Gaming
  • Actor signings

Who can I meet?

A myriad of costumers will be at the event in full force and also these famous names + more!

  • Dave Prowse (Darth Vader himself!)
  • Katy Manning (Jo Grant, Dr Who)
  • Lalla Ward (Romana, Dr Who)
  • Michael Jayston (Valegard, Dr Who)
  • Caroline Munro (Hammer Horror and Sci fi legend)
  • Martine Beswick (James Bond)
  • John Leeson (The voice of K9, Dr Who)
  • Pam Rose (Star Wars, Batman, Superman)
  • Alan Flyng (Star Wars)
  • Michael Henbury (Star Wars, Labyrinth)
  • Ken Coombs (Star Wars)
  • Nick Joseph (Dr Who, Blake 7)
  • Peter Roy (Star Wars, Dr Who)
  • Ken Colley (Star Wars)
  • Wolf Kahler (Indiana Jones, Sherlock Holmes)


Do I need a ticket?

If you would like to come to GEEKFEST you can obtain tickets via TicketSource and you can join their very active Facebook event page to find out up-to-the-minute details.

The Leas Cliff Hall – Saturday 10th May 2014

Adults: £5.00

Children: £3.00

Under fives: FREE

Please do come along and support this fantastic event!




Judge Dredd The Rocketeer, SandTrooper


GEEKFEST Folkestone - 10thMay 2014

The Walking Dead – Folkestone Zombie Walk

Zombie Walk002

In association with Planet Folkestone, a local non-profit events group, we were given the opportunity to make a video to help promote and boost awareness of a fantastic event coming up in October.

It’s a Zombie Walk and it’s in Folkestone on 5th October 2013 and all in aid of the East Kent Hospitals Charity.

The walk itself is now in it’s third year and gains support from Zombie fans all over Kent and from afar. Dressed and made up as Zombies everyone meets at a rendezvous point in Folkestone and then walks (or zombie staggers) along a route through the town, as a sponsored walk and to collect donations along the way in a shocking and terrifying zombie like way!

Check out the video!

So whats with the video?

The video, to be shown across the social networks by the fantastic team behind the Zombie Walk event pays homage to AMC’s ‘The Walking Dead’.

At the start of The Walking Dead, right at the beginning of the first season there is a fantastically creepy intro that depicts shots of small town America after a zombie apocalypse. We had the idea to re-produce this but by using landmarks and recognisable places in Folkestone and at OYFE Productions we also wanted to give a nod to one of the best TV shows of recent years.

How close did we get?

We tried to find places that looked similar to the places we are shown on the Walking Dead and we selected various places in Folkestone that look similar, either by their shape, the light or just the general vibe. We replaced the shot of crows with a shot of that typical seaside town nuisance, the humble seagull and so on – it completely replicates the scenes from the original and our creepy Folkestone looks eerily similar!



We also made a quick side-by-side comparison video so you can see how close we are to the original intro.



This the first video, there will be a follow up nearer to the big event and the team at OYFE Productions and Planet Folkestone hope to make it a huge success and to gather lots of money for the East Kent Hospitals Charity.

Behind the Scenes

Shot and edited by Adam Finch, supervised by the Planet Folkestone Team, Terri “Zombie” Marsh, Becky Buttigeig, Lisa Richardson (Author of blog of the dead), Mark Hourahane, Richard Cliffe and Lee Blakemore. We filmed the video over 2 nights in late June, and there will be two videos, the second of which will feature quite a few surprises in the lead up to the event!

Zombies included.

Music for our video was kindly provided by Lee Golledge.

East Kent Hospitals Charity is a registered charity – number 1076555

Walking Dead images © AMC.

Please support the event and keep in touch for all the latest news about this event via the official Folkestone Zombie Walk facebook page.

Zombie Walk010

Zombie Walk011

Zombie Walk012

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