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OYFE Studio Sessions

OYFE Studio Sessions - Professional recording and videography

We are offering bands, singers and musicians the chance to create a collection of media to use to promote themselves with professionally recorded music tracks and videos.


For the princely sum of £349, bring along your instruments to our Studio in Goudhurst, Kent and have an OYFE Studio Session. Adam Finch (Videographer) and Lee Golledge (Music Producer) will be on hand to provide six hours of recording time where you can record your music tracks and while doing so we will also create a music video or two.

The session is yours, use the time as you wish, shall we make a multi-track showreel or just focus on one perfectly polished studio style music video? Adam and Lee will guide you as how best to get the most out of your session. Once we have recorded and filmed everything Adam and Lee will then get to work producing the music and editing the footage and about a week later you will receive a package of media to start showing off your skills!

What can I do in six hours?

In a typical six hour session with some careful planning you could have:

  • 3-4 perfectly mixed and mastered songs in Mp3 format
  • One stylish, professionally filmed studio style music video
  • 10-15 promotional photographs

Doing this, your video could be like this example we did for The Marlee Duo.

Or if you wanted to work on a showreel we could produce:

  • A set of audio clips in mp3 format (not full songs)
  • 1-2 showreel videos
  • 10-15 promotional photographs

We did this for some clients who have two acts, “The 2Seekers” and “Pop goes Eurovision” and in the six hours recording time we made TWO showreels.

So these are examples of what you could do at your OYFE Studio Session.

Here are the videos:


We are flexible, friendly guys and have a great studio and a range of equipment to use to make high quality media for our singers and bands.

The full details about OYFE Studio Sessions and what we provide can be found here.

It’s completely free to get in touch and talk about your project, we are very accommodating and look forward to hearing from you!

Lee Golledge - Music Producer for OYFE Studio Sessions



Business Promotional Videos

750-business-promoOnline videos for businesses with OYFE Productions.

If you own a small business in Kent and have started creating your online presence on Facebook or other social media, have you thought about creating something visual to showcase your products and services in an exciting and dynamic way using online video?

Video is by far the best way to get across your business messages and show your products and services in an economical way with the strongest impact. A well produced and slick business video will generate awareness of your business and help drive more sales for you as your customers can see exactly what they are getting and they will have more confidence in choosing you.

Here at OYFE Productions we are giving you the chance to create a great business film for a tiny amount of money.

Kent Business Videos by OYFE Productions

For the first three responders to this offer, we will come to your business premises or a location of your choosing and spend the day with you to make a film to showcase your products or services. This could be in the form of an advert, some kind of showreel or perhaps an introduction to what you provide or offer. We can show you or your employees doing the work that is making your existing customers happy and help entice new ones to take the plunge.

The final film can be anything from 30 seconds to 2 minutes long and we will conceptualise and film and edit it all to make sure it has the highest impact on your potential and existing customers.

We will then provide you with the final film in a format you can use to share on your website or on the social media channels of your choice.

We will do all of this, all in for just £300.


Imagine having a really great film where customers can immediately see the quality of your products and the people who are creating them, it’s a wonderful way to show off and prove that you are the absolute best at what you do.

If this sounds good and you’d like to know more or book a free consultation meeting to discuss a creative video for your business then please get in touch.

Offer is open to the first THREE businesses to respond.

Video turn around time is within 7 working days.

We offer friendly, affordable filming services for everyone so if you would like anything filmed, call on OYFE Productions.

Call or email Adam today – 07715 7716 60

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