Local Aid – I’ll stand by you – charity music video

During November in 2014 we recorded and produced a charity single and music video, arranged by James Vince for Live in the Living Room and in aid of Depression Alliance.

The Depression Alliance works to bring people together to end the loneliness and isolation of depression. They also campaign to end the stigma of depression and mental health and raise awareness of what it means to live with depression.

Local Aid004

Who was involved?

The band comprises of Alex Beharrell, from the Reckostacks, Dan Acott and Richard Norton from Flawless Carbon. Charlotte Rose Ellis and Simon Jackson from Caution Horses.

Local Aid002

The track was sung by Alex Beharrell, Caleb Howard-Almond, Nathan J. Walker, Charlotte Rose Ellis, Alice Vane, Seb Pettitt, Lauren Diamond, Mitch Emery, James Harris, Craig Sheridan, Ted Clark and Charlotte Tingley.

Audio produced by Lee Golledge at Sandstorm Records.

Sandstorm Records

If you enjoyed the video, and are able to, please send a small donation to Depression Alliance.



Studio Sessions Week – FIRST THREE ACTS CHOSEN!

Studio Sessions Week 2015 - Record Music and Video with OYFE and Sandstorm Records

Wow wow wow!

Thank you to all the acts who have applied to take part in Studio Sessions Week – we have literally been blown away by the quality and talent that is out there producing excellent music!

Unfortunately we can only record and film five of you and we have now selected our top three!

They are (in no particular order)



© Arcaves

Arcaves sent us a link to a video they had produced for a track called “Killing Time”, the song was so beautifully done and so moving, it made the hair on the back of my neck stand up on end. Immediately, the video was shared with the team and we all felt the same. Hailing from Southend On Sea, the band is made up of singer, Billy Wright, bassist, Stu Dew and Liv Curtis on vocals. They say they “make melodious, quiet storm of dark pop” and we agree!

Check out Killing Time, it’s seriously wonderful:

Cake promises: Cheese cake and lots of chocolate brownies (Liv LOVES baking cakes!)


Slam Cartel

© Slam Cartel


We always wanted to get a mega rock band involved in Studio Sessions and Slam Cartel fit the bill perfectly! Consisting of Gary Moffat on lead vocals, Terry Warville on rhythm guitar, Mark Neudeck on Bass, Damian Fawsett on Lead Guitar and Steve Campkin on drums. The band does proper rock and have played at some prestigious venues and worked alongside some big names, Hawkwind, Y&T, Therapy? and others. We are looking forward to having them in our studio and hope they smash out something mega for Studio Sessions Week.

Have a listen on Soundcloud, ‘Handful of Dreams’ being particularly great:

Cake promises: Any cake you damn well like! (But Mandy is particularly good at making fruit cake!).


Black Thorn

© Black Thorn


We all got it instantly when we checked out “Catch me if you can” by Black Thorn, a fantastic folksey, Lumineer-a-like vibe rang out. Black Thorn is a 4 piece Indie Folk Rock band from Derbyshire. Joel Howe plays acoustic guitar, mandolin, percussion and lead vocals, Adam Clarke plays acoustic guitar and does backing vocals, Josie Stafford-Burdett plays Cornet, accordion and backing vocals and Jack Wright plays bass and percussion. The music is terrifically upbeat and detailed, with such amazing instruments being used to great effect. Lee, our Music Producer just sat back and said “LOVE IT”. So we’re very pleased to invite Black Thorn down from Derbyshire to come and record something with us.

Check out their music on Soundcloud and see if you can get through a track with out tapping along.

Cake promises: The cake of your dreams



Commiserations to all the acts who are not in the top three, if we could have you all in there we would!

The next stage of our selection process is an online vote to find our FOURTH act and finally a random draw to find the FIFTH act.

The online voting stage begins at midnight Friday 9th January and ends at midnight on Wednesday 14th January so get all your band members, fans, friends, groupies and random people you meet on the street to hit the OYFE website and vote for your band. The act with the highest number of votes will win the fourth spot in Studio Sessions Week.

The FIFTH act will be drawn randomly from the rest and we will announce this on Thursday 15th January.

Keep in touch with us on Facebook and Twitter and get in touch if you have any questions.


Thanks again for all the wonderful music!


Studio Sessions Week - Sandstorm Records / OYFE Productions Free Audio & Visual Production

Record a showreel or music video with OYFE Studio Sessions

OYFE Studio Sessions

OYFE Studio Sessions - Professional recording and videography

We are offering bands, singers and musicians the chance to create a collection of media to use to promote themselves with professionally recorded music tracks and videos.


For the princely sum of £349, bring along your instruments to our Studio in Goudhurst, Kent and have an OYFE Studio Session. Adam Finch (Videographer) and Lee Golledge (Music Producer) will be on hand to provide six hours of recording time where you can record your music tracks and while doing so we will also create a music video or two.

The session is yours, use the time as you wish, shall we make a multi-track showreel or just focus on one perfectly polished studio style music video? Adam and Lee will guide you as how best to get the most out of your session. Once we have recorded and filmed everything Adam and Lee will then get to work producing the music and editing the footage and about a week later you will receive a package of media to start showing off your skills!

What can I do in six hours?

In a typical six hour session with some careful planning you could have:

  • 3-4 perfectly mixed and mastered songs in Mp3 format
  • One stylish, professionally filmed studio style music video
  • 10-15 promotional photographs

Doing this, your video could be like this example we did for The Marlee Duo.

Or if you wanted to work on a showreel we could produce:

  • A set of audio clips in mp3 format (not full songs)
  • 1-2 showreel videos
  • 10-15 promotional photographs

We did this for some clients who have two acts, “The 2Seekers” and “Pop goes Eurovision” and in the six hours recording time we made TWO showreels.

So these are examples of what you could do at your OYFE Studio Session.

Here are the videos:


We are flexible, friendly guys and have a great studio and a range of equipment to use to make high quality media for our singers and bands.

The full details about OYFE Studio Sessions and what we provide can be found here.

It’s completely free to get in touch and talk about your project, we are very accommodating and look forward to hearing from you!

Lee Golledge - Music Producer for OYFE Studio Sessions



Music Video – Tres Camaradas – ‘Moon’

Tres Camaradas - new music video

Tres Camaradas, a four-piece rock band from Sittingbourne, Kent approached OYFE Productions to produce a music video for their new single.

The new single is called Moon and is commercially available in June 2013.

The song is about losing someone who means a lot to you when you are very young and the effect this can have on a person, and in this case, leads them to find solace by talking to the moon.

Check it out:

Tres Camaradas is made up of Dan Johnson (guitar and vocals), Jack Gledhill (lead guitar), Matt Sanders (bass) and Connor Downs (drums). An explosive mix as this video will show!

The team at OYFE very much enjoyed working with the band on the shoot and hope to work together again soon.

We wish Tres Camaradas all the best for the future and we hope the fans enjoy the video.

Tres Camaradas music video for moon by OYFE Productions

Tres Camaradas music video for moon by OYFE Productions

Tres Camaradas music video for moon by OYFE Productions

Tres Camaradas music video for moon by OYFE Productions

Tres Camaradas music video for moon by OYFE Productions

If you have a band or act and you’d like to make a music video too, please get in touch for a quote, we provide friendly, affordable music videos for everyone.

OYFE Productions - Affordable Music Videos for bands and singers

Music Video – The Marlee Duo

The Marlee Duo - OYFE Studio Sessions

OYFE Productions offers OYFE Studio Sessions to local bands, singers and musicians.

Studio sessions are  a four hour recording session to record 2-3 tracks and make a studio style music video to promote your act.

For more information and prices, please see OYFE Studio Sessions.


The latest video is for a local Kent band, The Marlee Duo with a cool acoustic performance of “The boys are back in town”, originally performed by Thin Lizzy.

The boys, Mark and Lee are busy on the pub and club scene and gigging to provide a chilled out session of cool songs.

They perform a mix of songs that date from the 50’s to the present day. Whether you are looking for a rocking party or a cool, chilled out atmosphere, The Marlee Duo will undoubtedly impress and are available for bookings.

Check out the video, and let it speak for itself.

Book a Studio Session today!

What you get, in a nutshell:

  • Professionally recorded, mixed and mastered 2-3 music tracks of your choice.*
  • One of the tracks will be made into a studio style video.
  • 10 Promotional photos from your footage
  • Full support and marketing on the OYFE Productions social network.

*Subject to time, we provide fours hours to record your tracks.



OYFE Studio Sessions

OYFE Studio Sessions - Recording and Video sessions for bands, duos and singers.

In collaboration with a local Music Producer, Lee Golledge, OYFE Productions are now offering “OYFE Studio Sessions”.

Aimed at Kent-based singers, duos and bands we invite all artists to come and work with us for the day to create your Studio Session demo and promotional pack.

Here’s what’s included:

  • Professionally recorded, mixed and mastered 2-3 music tracks of your choice.*
  • One of the tracks will be made into a studio style video.
  • 10 Promotional photos from your footage
  • Full support and marketing on the OYFE Productions social network.

*Subject to time, we provide six hours to record your tracks and are VERY flexible.

The coolest thing is that all the materials we produce will be yours to keep to use however you wish, either for personal use, or to promote your act or band or to use online. It’s a great opportunity for emerging acts to have a good package of work that you can use to get yourself noticed and to show off your talents.

We also encourage people who want to sing for any purpose to come and use our service, perhaps you want to sing to your new husband on your wedding day, we can make a video for you to do just that.

Everyone is welcome.

For your video, we will shoot a cool studio style video, a performance piece, but we can also shoot the film outside if you wish. There are some great views and places to film right near the studio.

Here is the studio music video demo we created for Milly Mae.

Here is another with The Marlee Duo.

We also made some showreels for The 2Seekers and Pop goes Eurovision.

Here’s how our service works.

  1. Call Adam on 07715 7715 60 and get in touch, we will check diaries and book you a recording date.
  2. We provide 6 hours of our services which can be used by you to record your tracks, so be ready to rock on the day.
  3. Typically the first 2-3 hours will be focussed on recording the music, during the rest of the time we will run through one of your songs several times and get you performing on film, although your studio time will be completely tailored for what you want to achieve.
  4. We drink tea, high five each other and finish up.

Then, within TWO weeks, probably quicker, Adam and Lee will do their stuff and provide you with:

  1. Your completed tracks, sounding marvellous in Mp3 format.
  2. Your studio session music video, looking crystal clear and beautiful.
  3. A pack of 10 (or more) high res promo images.

We will also talk about you in our social network and help you with promoting yourselves online.

All of the finished material will be made available to you online to download , we can provide  on CD/DVD as you require as well. Videos will be compressed and in a format that can be uploaded to websites and we will also give you a full high-res, broadcast quality high definition copy as well, ready for you to take to MTV.

We provide this complete service, and refreshments for £349.

If you would like to book an OYFE Studio Session, please use the form below or contact us in any manner you choose.

Text, Email, Phone, Online, Fax (if you must) and carrier pigeons are all acceptable methods.

We look forward to working with you!

Milly Mae - Recording and video services by OYFE Productions




Recording and audio services provided by Lee Golledge Music and OYFE Productions


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