Sunny Winter Wedding Videos!

We were incredibly lucky filming at a wedding in February because in the midst of the ‘Beast from the East’ snowmageddon we had glorious sunshine for one day only, and especially for Jamie & Jo!

Obviously WE organised the sunshine for their big day, another great service from OYFE Productions!


We met Jo first of all at the amazing Intercontinental Hotel near the O2 before moving on off into the city to meet Jamie for a glorious wedding beside the iconic River Thames.

For Jamie and Jo we produced our classic wedding highlights video which you can see below, a fully edited film of the build up to the ceremony, the ceremony itself and the aftermath. In the evening with all their guests we also produced a Video Guestbook, our unique service where we talk to the assembled guests and capture the spirit and emotion of the day.







It was a marvellous, sunny London day and it all went very well with cocktails, dancing and shenanigans going on into the night.

Jo and Jamie were delighted with what we produced for them as their Facebook review will show you:



We wish Jo & Jamie all the very best wishes for the future!


If you would like OYFE Productions to film your big day, we still have some dates left in 2018 and loads for 2019, so get in touch so we can meet up and get you booked in.

Keep yourself safe from Wedding Video Scams

Keep yourself safe with our 5 point checklist!

It has come to our attention recently about a number of engaged couples who have been let down or all out scammed by their wedding videographer or photographer.

The stories vary, but its the same old thing over and over:

“We paid them a deposit and then never heard from them ever again.”


We find this quite annoying as it puts the Wedding Videography industry that we are part of, in a terrible light and I personally would hate to be in the same society as the people who do these horrible scams.

So to keep yourself safe and ensure that you don’t fall foul for these scams, here is OYFE Productions 5 point checklist to consider.

Number 1 – Check out their work THOROUGHLY!

Before engaging a wedding videographer or photographer take a good, hard look at their work – is it done well, does it match up with your style and the kinds of things that you like?

For videography, look at a wide selection of their videos, are they consistent, do they have a similar feel and vibe to them? For bonus points check their logos and any info they put at the end or start of their videos, do these logos match the company logo that they work for?



Number 2 – Check out their social media!

If you’ve found someone who seems AWESOME and you want them to shoot your wedding, it pays to have a poke around at their social media. Are their videos consistent across Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram?

Have a deeper look, how long have they been posting/tweeting for? Anything less than 6 months or a year should be a warning sign!

Have a look at their reviews and any testimonials they have shared, are they unique?

Do the names match up with videos they have shared, do they seem legitimate?



Number 3 – Book in a meeting

I know that we live in an immediate world and we can get stuff instantly, the scammers will always prey on the people who can’t wait. So before handing over a penny to anyone, meet up with them first, either in person or on Skype so you can see who is potentially filming your wedding. When you do meet them, challenge everything and ask them questions, maybe ask them further details on their videos that you have seen – you will soon tell if they are legit.

At OYFE Productions we always meet up with clients before their wedding to discuss all the plans, and if distance is a problem, we always get our people to Skype us or use Facetime for an ‘in-person’ chat.

Scammers do not want you to see their face.

It is also an idea to randomly give them a call and ask about their wedding services, if there is no answer or response then you know who you are dealing with.


Number 4 – Check contact details

Always find out who is involved with a company or business that you engage for your wedding videography and keep a note of name, address and contact numbers, emails etc of who you spoke with when you booked.

There is no point trusting Facebook to remember everything for you, Facebook pages can be deleted in a flash leaving you with no recourse to contact a scammer who has done a runner with your hard earned cash.


Number 5 – See a contract or terms of service document

contractTo have a leg to stand on in a court situation, if you have a contract that a company has failed to deliver on then you can seek compensation.

Before paying a deposit, see a contract. A good company will send you a videography contract that has been signed and details everything that they are going to do for you and how much and all the other (rather boring) terms of service.

Get a contract, read it carefully before signing and keep copies. No contract, no booking.


BONUS Number 6 – The best way to avoid scams

We hope that you find this article useful and we can’t help but point out that you can save yourself a whole load of hassle by simply getting in touch with Adam from OYFE Productions. He will book you in professionally, take care of you, give you a wedding videography contract, deliver all the things you ask for and you will get awesome wedding videography into the bargain!

Be safe out there and you know where to find us if you need us!

An ideal wedding checklist if ever we saw one!

Tom & Beccy – May 2015

We filmed a marryoke and wedding highlights at a brilliant, laid back and fun wedding for Tom & Beccy who had their wedding at The Ferry House Inn in Sheerness.

We created a marryoke video using Depeche Mode’s ‘I just cant get enough’ and everyone who was there joined in with crazy dancing and singing, with one poor chap continually being thrown in a nearby bush!

© DVD Cover photography kindly supplied by Gavin Hardy.


Check out their raucous Marryoke video – I just can’t get enough!

We also produced a wedding highlights video to encapsulate the feeling and vibe of their lovely wedding day.

Naturally Beccy and Tom were completely thrilled with our work and had this to say in an email to us..


Wedding Videography

We offer a complete selection of Wedding Videography with either a Marryoke video or a video of your ceremony. Clients are invited to choose a package most suited to them and extra elements can be added as you wish for speeches, first dance and our fantastic video guestbook service.

OYFE Productions - Wedding Videography in Kent
OYFE Productions – Wedding Videography

New Music Video – My City of Fire by The Midnight River Crew

We have produced a music video for The Midnight River Crew called ‘My City of Fire’.

Mark Johnson asked us to provide a music video for his latest song which is a dark rocking track about the chaos erupting around the world and the political unrest we constantly see on the news.

Mark Johnson - My City of Fire Music Video

We were given freedom to produce a video that encapsulates these themes.

The video features a musical performance from Mark and the young cast we assembled, we have produced a film that reflects this negative real-world narrative into a situation we all may relate to. The idea around the video is that a ragamuffin group of street boys play and exist in their own city of fire, a smashed out old industrial place where they can make war and run riot.

The song includes themes of a power, or an authority that tries to control everything which we have shown in the video as security guards re-enforcing their authority and forcing the children not to play in their city of fire. As in real life the authority is a threat and becomes the enemy.




Our video is effectively making a microcosm of that bigger world view and turning it into themes we can all relate to, and may have experienced in our own childhoods.

Themes of rebellion, freedom and resistance converge in this piece!



We are very pleased with the video and would like to thank all those who got involved, full cast list below.

  • Mark Johnson

  • Harrison Finch

  • Fenton Finch

  • Jack Roberts

  • Lucas Roberts

  • James Simpson

  • Neil Finch as the security guard

Don't play with fireRegarding the production, Mark Johnson wrote:

“It has been a pleasure working with you and Dave on this project. All involved can be proud of the film and we’ve had a good deal of fun too. Perhaps we’ll be able to do another film at some point in the not too distant future.”




My City of fire was written By Fiona Hughes, James Brennan, Robbie Boyd, and Mark Johnson, with guidance and creative input from Ray Davies (The Kinks).

Music produced by Paul Midcalf at Audio Sorcery recording studios &

Filmed and Directed by Adam Finch & David Kuske at OYFE Productions

Performed by Mark Johnson of The Midnight River Crew.

You can check out more of Mark Johnson and the Midnight River Crew’s work on Facebook and Soundcloud.

The midnight river crew - My City of Fire



The Weald of Kent Steam Rally – Short Film

The Weald of Kent Steam Rally - Woodchurch - August 2014

We were invited to film at the recent Weald of Kent Steam Rally which took place in August in Woodchurch. It was a remarkable day that we were there although the rally itself was spread over two days and attracted traction and steam engines from all across the UK.

We had the opportunity to see these incredible machines, some which were built in the 1800’s up close and personal and we got to meet and chat with their owners.

Interviews - OYFE Productions
Adam interviewing one of the owners

We have produced a short film about the day which shows some of the things we saw, traction engines, steam engines, steam powered machinery, aircraft, motorbikes and tractors. We shot guns, we rode on steam engines and we ate fudge – it was a great day out!

Find out more about some of these engines, check out the Showman (below) and find out about road making ‘back in the good old days’ and more!

Take a look at our video and see for yourself.

Pat Collins Showman Engine - Steam Rally
Pat Collins Showman Engine
Taking a ride on Bill's Burrell engine! - Steam Rally
Taking a ride on Bill’s Burrell engine!
Spitfire at the Weald of Kent Steam Rally

The Steam movement is very much alive and well, with some great people and their amazing machines and we look forward to the next rally on 1st and 2nd August 2015!

Keep in touch with the Weald of Kent Steam Rally on their Facebook page for all the latest updates and information.

This engine is called Colleen.
This engine is called Colleen.
Weald of Kent Steam Rally - See you next year!
See you next year!

The Overnight Angels – New Music Video Coming Soon!

The Overnight Angels - The Bridge - New Music Video

We have been working on an all-new music video for a local Kent based rock band, The Overnight Angels!

The video is coming out next week on 10th June and until then we have produced a short teaser trailer to promote the video release and further showcase the band’s unique style.


The song is called ‘The Bridge’ and written by the band, it has a thrashy rock vibe with gorgeous vocals supplied by the hugely talented Niki J Angels.

Niki J Angel - Vocalist from The Overnight Angels

The rest of the band is made up with Matt Roberts on Lead Guitar, Laurence Crow on Bass and Jake Cook on the drums.

Tune in on 10th June 2014 to see the new video and in the meantime, find the Overnight Angels on all these social channels:

The Overnight Angels

Jake Cook on the drums - The Overnight Angels

The Bridge is a fast paced, edgy, smashy rock track, with rip-roaring vocals and a sick bass edge throughout.

We wish The Overnight Angels all the best in their future music production and performances, definitely one to look out for!



Here at OYFE Productions we want to kick off 2014 with a bang and what better way to start than by creating an awesome FREE music video for one lucky band or singer?

A free Music Video?!

We will work with the winner to produce a fantastic music video. This can be anything you like (within reason!) and we will provide a FULL DAY video shoot to capture the footage we need and will edit it into a fantastic music video for the song of your choice. The video will be yours to keep and use as you wish to promote your band or act. The video will be a creative collaboration between us and you and it can be performance orientated or story driven, whatever you think will work well with the song. The prize includes full consultation time with OYFE Productions to come up with the best idea possible and we will build a plan and storyboard to create your video. 750-musicvideocomp HOW TO ENTER To enter, there is a three-step process and no cheating please as we WILL be checking! Do all three things for your chance to win this amazing prize! 1. Visit OYFE Productions Facebook page and LIKE it. OYFE Productions Music Video Competition 2014 2. You will also find a post there about this competition, SHARE this post on your band’s wall or your own timeline. Sharing is caring. 3. Fill in the entry form below. That’s it, easy peasy, its important to us that everyone gets a crack at winning a FREE music video so do please share this around with others who might like to enter. The closing date for entries is 31st January 2014 and we will select a winner at random. The video shoot will take place on a mutually agreed date in February 2014, so make sure you are not on your world tour in February before you enter. So what are you waiting for? We are looking forward to hearing from you!

The entry form:

THIS COMPETITION IS NOW CLOSED. Won by The Overnight Angels.

Stay in touch for more competitions and like us on Facebook to keep up to date.

[/contact-form] MusicVideoComp01a MusicVideoComp05 MusicVideoComp03 Boring Legal Terms & Conditions

  1. This competition is provided free by OYFE Productions and is open to the general public.
  2. The prize offered consists of one fully produced music video created by OYFE Productions and featuring you and/or your band. The prize includes one complete day (up to 10 hours) to film your video and unlimited editing time to create the video.
  3. The entry dates are from 11th December 2013 – 31st January 2014 inclusive. All entries must be received before midnight on 31st January 2014.
  4. OYFE Productions will provide a film crew and all the equipment, cameras and lighting needed to shoot your video. Any additional fees for filming space or venue hire or actors fees are the responsibility of the prize winner. The video can be made anywhere in Kent, UK and at a place of the winners choosing, it can also have elements filmed in multiple locations.
  5. Copyright ownership of the completed video will be joint owned between OYFE Productions and the winner and both parties will hold an exclusive license to rent, copy, transfer, reproduce or broadcast the video however they choose. Basically we will both own it and can do what we like with the completed video.
  6. The winner is obliged to provide us with an exclusive license to create and distribute proprietary works using the music track they have selected for their video.
  7. The band or singer must be the copyright owner/holder of the music track.
  8. Participants may only enter once, however entrants are per individual so if there are four of you in your band, all four people may enter the competition in their own names. This also applies to managers, promoters, friends and family.
  9. All entrants MUST visit our page on Facebook and click LIKE on it.
  10. All entrants MUST SHARE our post about this competition on their band page or personal timeline. It can be shared multiple times if you choose and we will certainly appreciate that!
  11. All entrants MUST complete the above form in full.
  12. The winner will be selected at random and the winning entrant will be announced via our Facebook page on February 1st 2014.
  13. All data submitted to OYFE Productions will be held in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998.
  14. The promoter of this competition is Adam Finch ( Director at OYFE Productions.



Record a showreel or music video with OYFE Studio Sessions

OYFE Studio Sessions

OYFE Studio Sessions - Professional recording and videography

We are offering bands, singers and musicians the chance to create a collection of media to use to promote themselves with professionally recorded music tracks and videos.


For the princely sum of £349, bring along your instruments to our Studio in Goudhurst, Kent and have an OYFE Studio Session. Adam Finch (Videographer) and Lee Golledge (Music Producer) will be on hand to provide six hours of recording time where you can record your music tracks and while doing so we will also create a music video or two.

The session is yours, use the time as you wish, shall we make a multi-track showreel or just focus on one perfectly polished studio style music video? Adam and Lee will guide you as how best to get the most out of your session. Once we have recorded and filmed everything Adam and Lee will then get to work producing the music and editing the footage and about a week later you will receive a package of media to start showing off your skills!

What can I do in six hours?

In a typical six hour session with some careful planning you could have:

  • 3-4 perfectly mixed and mastered songs in Mp3 format
  • One stylish, professionally filmed studio style music video
  • 10-15 promotional photographs

Doing this, your video could be like this example we did for The Marlee Duo.

Or if you wanted to work on a showreel we could produce:

  • A set of audio clips in mp3 format (not full songs)
  • 1-2 showreel videos
  • 10-15 promotional photographs

We did this for some clients who have two acts, “The 2Seekers” and “Pop goes Eurovision” and in the six hours recording time we made TWO showreels.

So these are examples of what you could do at your OYFE Studio Session.

Here are the videos:


We are flexible, friendly guys and have a great studio and a range of equipment to use to make high quality media for our singers and bands.

The full details about OYFE Studio Sessions and what we provide can be found here.

It’s completely free to get in touch and talk about your project, we are very accommodating and look forward to hearing from you!

Lee Golledge - Music Producer for OYFE Studio Sessions



Cinnamon Spice Bollywood Charity Event


The OYFE Productions team were recently invited to attend and film a Bollywood themed charity dinner and dance.

Organised by a local restaurant, Cinnamon Spice in Ashford, Kent, the event was in aid of The Paula Carr Trust and was a fantastic evening of entertainment and the best curry known to man prepared by Ash Miah’s team at Cinnamon Spice.

Using our videography skills we produced a great video that encapsulated the whole event and celebrated the acts who performed for the crowd and provided some great coverage from the night.

Check out the video here:

We were lucky to meet Salman Malik, a hilarious comedian who ran and compered the show and kept the audience amused with his crazy antics.


Also we were entertained by some beautiful dancers from Bolly Flex and Bollywood Vibes. Music and lighting was provided by the guys from Higher Class Events.



The event contained many elements, a charity auction, speeches from people from The Paula Carr Trust and the Lord Mayor of Ashford and there were music performances provided by Junai Kaden and the incredible Michael Jackson dance tribute act, Signature!

Junai Kaden
Junai Kaden
Signature - Michael Jackson Tribute Act
Signature – Michael Jackson Tribute Act

It was a great event and lots of money was raised for the charity and we were delighted to be involved in such a wonderful night.

If you would like us to provide videography coverage of an event that you are organising, please get in touch with us, we will be happy to get involved.

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